Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Check Up From the Neck Up, Crap Gets Moved Around and Jelly Wins a Prize

She's so funny. For some reason this picture just cracks me up. Maybe it's the winning combination of nudity/hair bow. Or the slightly abused yet tolerant look on her face. Either way, she was good as gold and cute as a button for her first-year check up with our favorite doctor. She had to get a finger stick (lead test and hemoglobin), and three shots, which she was as indignant as always about. Her weight is right about where I expected it to be (28.7), and she's actually evening out as far as height and head size, which is nice. No weeble-wobble babies here.

I guess the Nanny got tired of tripping over and trying to keep organized the 847 toys in the living room area, because she decided to make the dining room a play room. It was something I had thought of myself when I had first bought the house, since the living room/dining room are ‘open concept’, and therefore the ‘dining room’ was never going to be a formal area. The problem is, the area where we are now forced to put the table isn’t exactly conducive to feeding two small extremely messy food-flingers. Plus there are now reams of toys underneath said table at any given moment, and picking fried rice out of Dolly’s hair is not my idea of a fun Saturday night.
So this means I need to get rid of the ultra gorgeous but equally useless pub table and stools in the small kitchen eating space, and find an extremely cheap but sturdy useful table and chairs to put in its place. We also had to move out the high chairs, so I need to find one more booster seat for Cade (Jellybean thinks she’s such hot stuff in a booster!).
And since a bookshelf was moved into the new play area, I also have to replace what was previously a very nice place to dump keys etc. by the front door in the entranceway. Hopefully selling all the stuff we’re no longer using (*sob* good-bye, beautiful pub table – I knew you such a short time, yet only ever really sat at you twice) will balance out the ‘new’ (Craigslist, of course) purchases.

*Update: CL came through, like I knew he would. I found a round table that comes with two leaves, and three chairs (yes, one chair was broken, and we really just need three anyhow, for Nanny and the two kids, so I talked ‘em down to $45 for the whole set). I also got a booster for $8. And the high chairs sold within 10 minutes of posting the ad – I’m getting better at setting the right price and reeling ‘em in with a hot subject header. They're getting picked up in a few hours! Now, what else can I sell...

So while it’s kinda nice to have a living room back, I’d gotten use to watching TV a certain way and now the couches are too close for that. I have to re-adjust to the television being at a normal viewing level (thanks to my dad, yay dad!), which means mapping out a new plan for getting comfy on the couch. Maybe I just don’t like change, I don’t know, the new layout makes sense and everything but I’m all irritated by it. Maybe I’m just grumpy. I need to give it some time.

Saturday was a crazy fun day for the Jellybean household. Below are some pics for your enjoyment and horror. I'm to exhausted by the thought of that day to write cute descriptions. Yes, I put my baby on a sketchy carnival ride all by her lil ol’ self. Yes, she enjoyed it immensely. Yes, we're both crazy people.
And I think she might have a future counting cards in Vegas, judging by how adept she was at the ‘Ducky’ game. Man, do I ever love me some Fish Pond at the fair.

In just a few short days – Jelly’s first camping adventure! I am hot (and not in a sexy ‘Twilight’ way) just thinking about it.
Also - I watched some of the MTV Movie Awards and MAN! Am I OLD!!! And there's some reality show coming out, 'Dance Your Ass Off' - when did that become ok, to have a swear in the title of a television show? And when did I get so old that I was indignant about 'swears', and refered to them as 'swears'?! I LOVE to swear! I just don't think it's appropriate for prime-time network television show titles, apparently.
Oh, and I saw a commercial for 'Free Realms', a new online MMORPG, and tried it out yesterday. Ehh. Made me miss Final Fantasy some more, if possible. But not enough to go to EQ. I was impressed by the family-friend appeal of it, and the fact you could level up in different jobs instead of just run amok stabbing stuff. Uh, mainly that you could be a 'Cook'.

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Chris said...

OMG! MTV has movie awards .. MTV is still around? I AM old. Totally agree on the swearing bit .. which is weird because I've always complained about not having looser regulations on TV decency - whatever that means .. have you seen .. I don't know, that show that The Soup always makes fun of with the girls in the tub that pull their hair off, which is probably any reality show on FOX - after 10 PM.

Jelly looks completely comfortable and confident in the 'sketchy' carnival ride.