Tuesday, January 5, 2010

When a Fellow Blogger Gives You a Lemonade Stand, You Make a Blog Post

Yay! I got my second blog award, thanks to my friend Rhaven and fellow TM-er (and also CSM-er). The rules are I need to nominate 10 blogs 'who show great attitude and gratitude'. Awesome. I like those apples. Err, lemons. So let's make some lemonade! The ladies (and lone gentleman) below prove that life is far from perfect, but rock it nonetheless.

If you can take a minute to show these folks some internet luv I'd appreciate it. I've been reading some of them for years, through pregnancy and parenting woes and joys, and they're all good people. Except for that Nate, you have to keep an eye on that one.

It's nice to think about lemonade stands and summer, even though I know I'll long for the cold dark nights once I'm lying awake, hot and sticky with the A/C blasting. My mum and I are trading emails this morning, trying to book a cottage for The Great Canadian Summer Adventure 2010 (yes, that means another drive with Jenny. Also, do you realize the trip to Halifax next month will be her 5th flight before she's 2? That's kinda cool). Jellybean and I start swimming lessons this weekend - FUN!! Did I mention that already? Yeah, I'm a little excited. Mostly because I know how happy it will make her.

And did I mention that it dawned on me that 2010 meant I only had one more year til I was 40?

THAT IS JUST CRAZY. I am quite clearly only 27 years old, max. How can I be 40 when that's how old my mum and dad are? The math doesn't even work out. And Jelly can't have a mom that old, that's DECREPIT. Sheesh.


Billy said...

Thanks fot the tag :-).

battynurse said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog. As far as the custom made blanket send me an e-mail. I could possibly come up with something (actually had an idea already).
Oh and the 40 thing? Yeah. That totally snuck up on me. Holy crap I feel like I was just 30 and in 6 months I'll be 40.
battynurse at gmail dot com

Genkicat said...

Thanks! I tried putting the logo up in my post, and cannot make it work at all. So the post will have to wait... any thoughts on how I can make that happen?

Naomi said...

I read this and thought how sweet...let me think of something kind and witty to post on her page, then I got distracted. I'm sorry :( I appreciate the tag and I will follow the instructions. Just not today, I'm really falling behind on my blogging and commenting. I'm not sure why I'm complaining to you lol.

Two things though...first, I never would have thought you over 30, seriously. You look fabulous. Secondly, I've always said I was way older than I am so people would say, wow! You look great for your age!

And btw, have I missed it? What's up with the internet dating? I was loving the commentary.