Monday, March 22, 2010

In Like a Lion

I'm tired, hungover, and the allergies are killing me, but the blog guilt beat out everything. I had an awesome visit with my youngest sister, lost my camera, hacked the planet, and am loving this warmer weather.

I will post more about CarolinaCon after people get all their pictures online (there are going to be some doozies), but it was an awesome event and we have almost tripled attendance since the first con 6 years ago. I'm proud to be involved with such a knowledgeable and fun-to-drink-with group of people. Yes, hackers. Crazy, I know. Loud was there, which is always interesting. I managed to not ask a single question about Quiet, which I'm VERY proud of. Cousin J babysat for me, and gave me permission to stay out ALL NIGHT, so I could drink my face off and not worry about driving or waking up with the little beastie at 5am. I did have a wicked hangover that made caring for a toddler when I got home an extra-special joy, but it was totally worth it.

I broke down and made a doctor's appointment, since I'm pretty sure I've carried a sinus infection straight into allergy season. Nothing is coming close to touching the headaches and swollen face, so we'll see what Dr. Jones says. I've also got to get a prescription for generic Imitrex. My health plan charging me $200+ for everything else - FAIL. And it's nice to touch base with your doctor at least one every few years (really, I HATE going to the doctor). AND I need to ask when to get my first mammogram. I feel like it should be soon. Anyone had one?

Jelly von CrazyPants had a great time with Aunt Mare-Mare, who is the person tasked with raising said loony person if something happens to me. And we got along. For SIX WHOLE DAYS. I was happily surprised. I fight with everyone, but my sisters most of all. Well, not more than people at the gym. But yes, a lot. I think that's how it works in lots of families. Like the visit with my other sister, this one was bittersweet because it reminded me just how far away family is, and how seldom Jenny will get to see them. Also, my grandfather passed away, and I really didn't feel anything; I've seen him maybe 2-3 times max since high school, and didn't really know him. It horrifies me to think that things can get that way, and Jenny doesn't have a lot of immediate family to begin with.

The weather is alternating between unseasonably cool and ridiculously warm, which is making me nuts. We had a fun playdate with my CSM group yesterday and checked out a new park. Turtles! Ducks! Donuts! I took a sparse 3 pictures since I'm angry at my backup camera. The one of the turtles didn't turn out at all. Stupid camera. Stupid me.

*Backstory - When I was about 6 weeks from having JR I broke my camera, a Nikon Coolpix. I sent it off to be fixed, but then panicked that I wouldn't have a camera for the labor (ha ha! like I cared about that during labor. Ah, moms-to-be are funny). So I used AMEX points to get a new camera, and went with a Kodak EasyShare since I wasn't too crazy about the Nikon. I totally fell in love with the Kodak. When my sister was visiting, I lost it. I have a really bad feeling I set it on top of the car and drove off. I have torn the garage and house apart several times looking for it to no avail. While it was nice to have the crappy fixed Nikon handy to use, I am bitter and resentful. I miss my Kodak. I looked it up and it's like $200 to replace. I can't justify that when I have a perfectly good camera. Le sigh.

Jenny gets crazier and crazier. Toddlers, man. Saturday she woke up at 5am and was so grumpy that she lost her temper over something stupid and BIT me. On the freaking shoulder blade. I almost cried, I was so hurt and tired and shocked. Weekdays? I have to wake her up for daycare. ARGH. She is growing like crazy still, the eating is all erratic, and she flies off the handle over nothing CONSTANTLY. She is completely uninterested in potty training, throws things, and has mastered the 'I will come when I'm damn good and ready' attitude. On the cute side, she's suddenly very interested in birthdays (sings 'hap to you' over and over, only wants to read books that have pictures of cake and balloons and presents) and can count to 10! She can do up to 5 totally unassisted, which is hilarious, and to 15 with some prodding. She also knows most of her colors (didn't even realize she knew 'green' til yesterday - thanks, Spring). And I think Easter is going to be really, really fun.

More to come soon.


Genkicat said...

Love the update! Jenny is very cute - even if she is getting crazier!

Barb said...

They are so much fun right now, but I totally don't get the sleeping torture. I have to wake sam when I leave for work every weekday, and yet on the weekends when I'd like to sleep in he wakes up on his own two hours earlier. I think he knows it's a mommy day so he wants to start it extra early. Mommy would rather sleep. Oh well, at least he's cute when he orders me around and says "Mama sit" or "Mama come" and "I do it" or "Openened it!"

Totally get what you mean about your sisters. I was heartbroken when my sister picked up and moved to Florida.

Laraf123 said...

Yes--toddlers are very challenging (and extremely fun). "In like a lion" is a perfect way to describe them. That said, I bet you will have a wonderful Easter now that Jenny "gets" things like that! Love her sudden obsession with birthdays!

chris said...

It's been so great to have a little time and catch up with you. I feel like I have so much to comment just on this post though. The whole family being far away, your grandpa dying and not really feeling like mourning, the horrible feeling of not knowing things about members of your family .. so going through that myself at the moment. It makes one feel even more alone and unable to relate to the world, more disconnected and ephemeral than we are able to bear.

But Jenny .. she's such a cutie! We've started calling Baby G. Taz because he's just ball of stubborn energy. All these are phases though and they pass just as quick as they learn new colors. Chin up, Jelly Mama! You have a Jellybean! :)