Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Status Update: Jellybean Mama would like more time to blog

You know, I'm not positive, but I'm pretty sure hummingbird food isn't the best thing for the rosemary plant...

Once again I had some really stellar ideas for blog posts as I lay in bed awake at 11ish last night, but managed to have them chased away by a nighttime visitor. Who shows up at midnight and hangs around until almost 2am?! And what did I get in return for my graciousness (changed a soaked diaper), politeness (pretended not to notice when I was kicked in the ribs and ear repeatedly) and calm demeanor? (managed not to scream 'A-hole!' when I finally tossed her back into her own bed). Nothing. Nothing except a grumpy kid who didn't want to wear anything with polka dots on it and somehow managed to smear 75 cups of peanut butter everywhere when I'd only put a mere suggestion of it on a toasted bagel.

Jelly. Dude. Seriously. I understand that the pollen is making you crazy, because it's making me crazy also. However, YOU. MUST. DEAL. Mama is having a very difficult and stressful time at work right now. Being able to function, at least at the level of a slack-jawed yokel, is necessary. I cannot take sick/nap time right now. While I understand your ploy to be served quick 'n easy Totino's pizza every night is working out in your favor, it is adding extra guilt to my overloaded stress plate. I had another trying-to-sell-the-house/moving dream last night, where I was living with the guys again. Urk. My poor little brain is just banging on the walls trying to get out.

Happily, I am going to have the house cleaned PROFESSIONALLY again tomorrow in advance of my parent's impending arrival Monday (yay!). Sadly, The Ta has to go out of town again the week I'm in Boston next, and the Most Awesome Caregiver has plans, so I'm scrambling to find someone to keep the Bean for a night. (boo!). It's Raleigh Restaurant Week next week (yay!) but the weather is all crazy so I'm freaking out about the 2-year pics and, you know, that little party I'm having (boo!). Also, I lost a stupid library book. This is why we can't have nice things, Jelly! That, and you like to pour random items on the couch.

May in the Carolinas means Strawberry Season, so that's kind of awesome. Jelly and I went and did some berry picking for Mother's Day, which was lovely. I almost barfed from over-indulging in shortcake, but the homemade strawberry lemonade was H-E-A-V-E-N-L-Y.

This weekend is the big Triangle Mommies Yard Sale, my COOKING CLASS, and *finally* the Nickleodeon Storytime Live Dora Thingie Extravaganza. Finally. I am excited about ALL those things. And then my parents and brother arrive Monday! Huzzah!

I had to break down and get a new carseat for Short 'N Wide. The spare that our caregiver and The Ta share has been outgrown. After much deliberation I went with the Graco Nautilus 3-in-1, mostly because I don't want to have to buy another one, somewhat because I liked the style and colors, and largely because - CUP HOLDER! SWEET!! Uh, I mean, safety ratings and positive parent feedback. So I'll let you know what I think of that. I can tell you I already miss the velcro on the Britax straps, and the Graco has not even been put in the car yet.

Ohh, and we tried out the toddler pool. It's totally brilliant. I wore an Old Navy t-shirt and capris (Jenny insisted I get in with her, fully dressed). Jenny opted for a more au naturel look...


Rhaven said...

Dude that is an awesome kiddie pool. Im jealous! Hang in there on the pollen. Hopefully it will be gone soon? And thanks for the laughter! Remember you left your supermom cape at the cleaners and you cant be supermom without it. Hang in there!

chris said...

Awesome pic of the Jelly in the pool! Hilarious!! :D