Thursday, March 10, 2011

Gone But Not Forgotten

We are still here. Just, ah, suffering.

Jelly kindly shared her ick with me. Then I took it to Boston, to corporate, to share it with others. Then I came back to an explosion of spring, which meant allergy season was upon us, and a whole new level of sinus pain and suffering. Also, I haven't yet found something that plays nicely with the Topamax, so I'm kind of all over the place with a variety of headaches and weird out-of-body experiences, which would ordinarily be kind of interesting, but with my current workload just has me kind of panicky and waking up at all sorts of hours from stress nightmares because I can't focus, and thinking makes me throw up. So. There's that.

But the good news is, Jenny had a check up from her tube surgery last fall, and she's doing great - the doctor said that she should come back in another four months, and they'd probably be out! Kind of crazy and short-lived for surgery (cough, expensive), but I guess the way The Bean grows that's just how it is. She's up to 44 lbs (yes, the size of your average 6-year old), and is almost as tall. People who thought I was out of my mind for buying 5/6 sizes for a 2-year old at the last consignment sale aren't laughing any more, and she's hitting yet another growth spurt. The first thing she asks every morning is what we're having for dinner. Gal is going to be tall! I'm amusing myself by considering signing her up for kiddie soccer to work out some of the energy - there's a 10-wk program starting in a few weeks extremely convenient to the house at a really good time. I think it would be hilarious.

I'll try to get my crap together to post some pics and get a decent post together soon - lots of stuff coming up. Big St. Patty's Day parade this weekend (our favorite one!), then the following weekend I'm pretty excited about a Choice Moms Workshop that will be held locally for the first time. I'm helping moderate, so should probably pull something together for that. I'll get to meet a longtime penpal and terrific author for the first time, plus some other moms like me, so it's pretty cool.

Hope everyone else is surviving the changing weather, or winter's last hurrah in some cases.


MommieV said...

Same here. Ditto. All that.

About your sidebar note, the drive from you to Cincy is about as far, probably slightly shorter, than our drive to the beach. I say go for it. We are only 2 hr away if you have extra time. I would love an excuse to take the wee one to cincy.

Shannon @ Lifelong Impressions said...

Sheesh your sickness and now allergies. No fun!!!

I'd love to get the soccer link from you!

LOL on the clothes. I buy Madison only size 6 dresses, size 4/5 everything else and buying 5's for next winter based on her being slightly over the top of the typical hight chart {got the PED to show me last week}. We have some tall solid girls! :-)