Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Just So You Know

... how seriously crazy I am. I am bleaching my toothbrush holder. Yes, people, that is the level of cleaning I feel I have to do. And it isn't that my mum is judgmental. True, she once cleaned my oven WHILE I WAS BAKING SOMETHING. But she's been a lot better, and would never in a billion years actually say anything to me. I bring it all entirely on myself.

My toothbrush holder. Like, the green glass cup I keep my toothbrush in. Really.

Well, at least it will be nice and clean and, uh, hygienic.


DannieA said...

hmmmmm your mom is starting to sound like my mom. Good luck with the cleaning. I do weird stuff like that when I know she's coming over...(of course she lives down the street so it forces me to keep up appearances more but)

Stephanie said...

No what happens is this:

1) You have guests coming, so you clean a little more in depth than normal.
2) You then realize that one layer beyond your normal routine is effin filthy, so you (and this is when it goes wrong)start LOOKING for other gross stuff.
3) When are then horrified by the level of nasty you had become comfortable with in between butt wipings and tantrums.

I know this because my Aunt and my Mom came up last weekend. :D