Monday, June 6, 2011

Time's Up

Just so y'all are up-to-date, here's the deal.

1. I'm quitting the Topamax. I gave it a full six months, which I think is more than fair. In that time I only had a small number of headaches, which was nice, and a smaller number of migraines, which was really super terrific. However. I am close to being fired because of work incompetence. I can't remember anything. I can't retain any new knowledge. I'm fuzzy all the time. There's some serious depression issues.


Plan B.

I've made an appointment to get on some sort of pill where I'll only have a few periods a year (the earliest physical appointment was August, HA! Awesome). I'll take a migraine pill preventatively when I know I will be prone to getting an attack (cost-wise, it will only be slightly more expensive than the Mr. T). I'll drink more water, be very serious about avoiding migraine triggers during That Time, and since it's summer, do everything I can to avoid heat exhaustion.
And we'll see where that gets me.

That's Plan B, part 1.

The reason this whole bad cycle of increased migraines kicked off in the first place was the work stress. And the work stress is, in fact, worse now that my boss is so totally pissed at me for being the mental equivalent of a cod for the past 6 months. Imagine how awful each week's status call is when I can hear in her voice how angry and frustrated she is. Now imagine it as even worse. Feel your stomach knot up with the thought of talking to her. Lay in bed and worry about it. Can you taste the bile in the back of your throat? Yeah, it's not something I think I can recover from, and even if so, even if the stress gets better - I am not sure if that will be soon enough. So I think I need to look for something else. Even telling myself that makes me feel a little better. I know I don't have a lot of hope of finding something, at least not something that is in my salary range where I can work from home and have 10% travel. But we'll see.

In the meantime, I need to kick off some sort of exercise routine, because I know that's proven to help. Eat properly, keep sugar levels appropriate. Get good sleep (ahahahahahaha).
Could be better.
Could be worse!
I just know I'm never living through a Spring like that ever, ever again.


MommieV said...

I took the pill that only gives you a few periods a year. Be sure to take it religiously for the first three months - like, seriously same time every day, don't skip a day. I was a little lax on that, and had breakthrough bleeding that turned into me having a constant three-month period. I don't think that will work with your new plan.

Maybe looking for something new won't be so bad. Or maybe it will be just the psychological break you need to deal with the stress of the job you have.

I'm trying to be optimistic :)

Genkicat said...

Ok, so that all sounds remarkably gross. I hope the new meds work, I hope a new, most perfect job presents itself, and I hope for no more migranes!!!

Stephanie said...

The hippie in me still says that just reading up/trying acupuncture couldn't hurt. At least it won't make soda taste bad. :(

But I totally feel you on the stupid-max and I'm sorry your jobby-job is sucking arse.