Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Bravest Mama

I have skied black diamond runs in the mountains of Colorado. I have dived the depths of St. Maarten, surrounded by sharks. I’ve flown in a private jet, and I’ve danced on the stage in a strip club. I’ve ridden a horse, a camel, an elephant, and an Ohio River steamboat. I’ve been stuck in a cave twice, once underwater off a small Columbian island, and once trapped by ice. I’ve sipped tequila in Mexico, eaten lobster in Nova Scotia, and bought strappy heels in New York city. I’ve been spit on by Shamu, lost money in Vegas, and ridden the trolley in San Francisco. I got kicked out of Graceland.

Last Saturday I ate a cricket.

Oh, the things you’ll do to show your child it’s good to be brave, and try new things.

The cricket was awful, all legs and antennae and the stuff nightmares are made of.

Jenny loved the worms. To be fair, they were crunchy and Thai-flavored, so it wasn’t exactly a hardship.

We both had a blast, and despite the pathetic drizzly weather enjoyed BugFest immensely.

My precious bug.

We are crossing our fingers hoping the rain stays away this Saturday so that we can go to Pride 2011. We do love a parade, and since a kindly gay man gave me my Jellybean, I want us to get out and show our support. Especially with all the insanity going around with laws being revised and rights revoked and all those things.

Can you believe it's Fall already? Yes, it's still warm here, but I am ignoring it. I am still going to make chili for dinner, even if it's 83 degrees. We have already got one farm visit under our belts, in preparation for the month-long Halloween season. Yes, as a matter of fact, I have already carved a little pumpkin and roasted pumpkin seeds. Look, if the stores can have Christmas stuff out already, you can't judge me.


bunintheovenplease! said...

Oh MY - you have done it all - I am So impressed - I wish I was as brave as you are - though I dare say it was not your chice to get stuck Twice in a cave!
Yes being Brave is extremely important - too many people stick with the same old same old necause they don't have the confidence to try something new!

Shannon said...


I'm a horribly picky eater but my mantra is I'll try anything but insects at least once. Cricket. *shudder*

MommieV said...

Jesus God the nightmares I am going to have tonight. It's bad enough that I have to keep myself from screaming and jumping on the furnture when I see a spider when my kid is around. I'll control that urge, but...

eating ...


Which is exactly why your post was called The Bravest Mama and you totally get that award. Brav-freaking-o lady.

Blogger said...
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