Friday, July 30, 2010

Gift of Gab

I just had to write something quickly, about how people say that a talkative child is a curse and that from the moment they're born you wish they could talk - then when they can, you forever wish they couldn't. Maybe it's because I'm a talker myself. Maybe it's because I know the magic 'off' switch for Jelly (starts with 'T' and ends with 'V' - omg, she HATES it when I talk when her stories are on). I don't know, but I don't feel this way. I LOVE that she can talk. I love that every day she talks more, about different things, and that most of the time, I can understand her.

Want an example? This morning in the car on the way to Miss D's she tugged her right ear and said, 'Loud!'. I didn't think much of it until Miss D sent me a text that Jelly was complaining that her (left) ear hurt. Our girl isn't a complainer, plus it was Friday afternoon, so I decided it was a smart bet to get her into the doctor. The doctor, of course, thought I was a crazy reactionary mom, since she'd been in there 6 weeks earlier with an ear infection, and had slept well last night. And had zero fever. But low and behold, there was a little leftover fluid from the last infection, and The Bean had some inflammation in her ear. When she'd tugged her right ear and said 'loud', she was letting me know that her left ear was clogged, and so things sounded louder in her right. Because of that, we will have a restful, medicated night and continue on our merry way with our weekend plans without a hitch.

I love that.


Stephanie said...

Gawd- ear infections must be the devil.

It's not a curse, it's nice to have a clue what is going on in their heads as they scream at you from the floor. All because you took the peel off the peach.

I got spoiled with Z's verboseness (is that word?) and am paying for it with E. If I wasn't such a lazy-sack I'd get on the sign language ball.

joven said...

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