Monday, August 9, 2010

Really, Monday Again?

I got tagged by an extremely good-looking and refreshingly honest mom-friend-blogger over yonder, and since I have been experiencing Bad Blogger guilt, figured I'd just go ahead and do the damn thing.

1. Sum up your blogging motivation, philosophy and experience in exactly 10 words.
2. Tag 10 other blogs to perpetuate the meme

Sheesh, that's a lot to try to cram into just 10 words.
Ok, here's mine:

1. Openly document achieving (single) motherhood to share, scare, and remember.

2. Other awesome ladies;
Yes, I can clearly see that is only 5. However, I have recently tried to prune my list of who I'm following, and I don't think I should tag my favorite salt or trashy entertainment news blog. Yes, I follow a salt blog. Mmmmm... salt.

In other exciting news - OMG JELLYBEAN IS SUCH A ROCKSTAR!!!!!!

Yes, another potty training post, my apologies. But until you know the happiness that is no longer having to touch someone else's poo - you do not know happiness. On second thought, I'm pretty sure you know happiness if you never have to touch someone else's poo in the first place, so scratch that. But, SO HAPPY. My mum had said we were in the clear last week based on how great Jelly was doing, but I was skeptical (waiting for the other, uh, shoe, to drop). However, after this weekend, I think that I could quite fairly declare, done.

Yes, done.

With a 2-year old.

I know, right?!!
Since I know you are also skeptical, and rightly so, I submit for your reflection the following three examples;

1. We were at a playdate at McDonald's and she both poo'd and peed in the potty there (she has no fears of using public potties, even with auto-flush).
2. She has never had an accident in the car.
3. I was upstairs folding laundry (ok, you caught me, I was moving wet laundry from the washer to the dryer, and throwing what was in the dryer either in an old diaper box on the floor or on top of the machine) and when I got back downstairs, Jenny was just getting up from the potty. So she identified the need to go, got there in time despite the lure of Thomas the Train, pulled down her pants/lifted her shirt on her own, and did her bidness by herself. Like it was totally no big deal at all.
4. This morning she woke up dry, got out of bed and used the potty by herself. #1 AND #2.

Yes, I know there were four examples, but I think I've already proven myself bad with math today. It's a Monday, you know.

So for those of you struggling - IT CAN BE DONE. For those of you with boys - pay someone else to do it (I swear, the majority of my friends have little boys and they are MONSTERS when it comes to PTing, the horror stories - ).
I am so proud of her. I am still reading all the PTing pointers and they crack me up. It's like, 'don't make too big a deal because you don't want them to get all worked up about it and they'll never pee again'. I would turn cartwheels when she goes, if I had ever learned to do a cartwheel but didn't because I was too afraid of getting my fat butt up over my head.

Best of all, she is proud of herself. For the Bean, who loves to be independent and a 'big guhl!', she knows that it's a big deal and that she is totally awesome. I'm glad I could help give her that.


Genkicat said...

yay Jelly! Yay Mama - good work! It sounds to me like the job is done.

Thanks for the tag - I'm awful at doing them, but I'll get to it!

chris said...

Yay Jenny!!! Congrats Jenny & mama!