Monday, August 31, 2009

Haircut? Got 'em ALL cut!

Jellybean's first official professional pay-for-play haircutting event occurred over the weekend. Check out that so-big little person sitting by herself so nicely in that chair! She was good as gold, didn't fuss or freak out at all (although little princess was not at all pleased with getting some little hairs in her eyes). It actually hurt me to see little curls falling on the floor. We've got a certificate and some locks for the scrapbook, and hopefully mama will be able to cut it from now on (poor, poor Jelly). The bangs are wayyyyyyy shorter, which I guess is good from a being-able-to-see standpoint. But I miss the long waves.

Aunt Jen babysat Saturday afternoon so that I was able to go to lunch and a movie. Oh, glorious day! Lunch without sticky handprints and guilt about food on the floor! The Ta and I saw 'District 9', which is totally the kind of movie I would have absolutely loved pre-baby. Yes, it's incredibly well done and the effects are great, blah blah blah. But there's something about being a mother that changes how you look at the world - people doing mean things to other people (or, apparently, aliens) causes pain and huge buckets of near-overwhelming sorrow. The only reason I didn't cry in the theater was because The Ta would've punched me.

Yesterday was the Raleigh Fiesta del Pueblo, some sort of wacky Latino soccer festival that I really didn't understand but mean no disrespect to by use of the word 'wacky', and thought it would be a little nice non-white-South culture for The Bean. It was a blast. There were a zillion bouncy houses, so she got one all to herself - I'm surprised she's not still there. They were playing the 'Go, Diego, Go!' theme at one point, I thought she was going to lose her mind. And I tried fresh homemade pupsas and horchata for the first time - delicioso*! There were tons of free giveaways (we came home with t-shirts, mini soccer balls, notepad/pen sets, hot pads (?!), key chain flashlights, etc.), and some awesome music/dance performances. Jellybean liked the pretty girls in their twirly long dresses and the dudes in the hats stomping around. People gave her balloons, and churros, and lollipops, and I got to use my super-terrible Spanish which I love to do, so it was a great day.

I was thinking last night about today's blog post, which I often do, and how I don't do such a good job of documenting what specifically Jellybean is up to. Like, for example, she was saying 'ready, set, go!' in the car yesterday, which not only shocked me but was super-duper cute. And, uh, made me keep hitting the breaks and accelerating for her, which wasn't super-duper safe driving. But was hilarious. Anyhoo, I was starting to feel all guilty for not having EVERY. SINGLE. MINUTE. of every amazing thing she does captured in my blog, but then I realized that hello, our mums didn't have blogs. My mom barely managed to get my first steps into my baby book. And there are times when I could stop and grab a camera, but then I'd be pulling myself out of a moment - and believe me, I'd much prefer to be in it. So I hope the snippets here are enough for you guys, and enough for Jelly years from now when I can't remember the exact date and time she started solids, or poo'd in a potty (yesterday! we're doing some very relaxed low-key, zero-pressure potty training, it's going really well). I'm too busy lost in the moments.

*Do not look up 'delicioso' in the urban dictionary. That is not my intended usage of the word here. Although the horchata really was that good.


Naomi said...

it's so short! so much better to see that gorgeous little face :) I love it. I cut my daughter's hair. Her bangs are always crooked. Whatever.

I get what you're saying about the movie. Your perspective on things totally change post-baby. Not that that's a bad thing. I wouldn't enjoy a movie where anyone, alien or otherwise, is being tortured. People are stupid.

Glad you had a sticky hands free moment to enjoy. I should've did that while the baby was away, but honestly, it's been so long that I've had the opportunity to lay on the couch making out with a boy that I was kinda ok w/ never leaving the house that month lol

CandCFamily said...

La Fiesta is totally fun, bummed we missed it! Mmmm, churros!