Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Tata Blog - Part Deux

First of all - yes, everyone, The Ta really is a real person. She has achieved such a high level of infamy that now, when I go places and meet people and they learn that I am the nefarious 'Jellybean Mama', they are not interested in me or my precious delight of a child. They can barely contain their excitement as they ask with baited breath - "Who is The Ta?!" So for all the Tata fans out there, a brief refresher on the wonder that is - The Ta.

I've known the Ta for about 12 years (yikes), ever since we worked for an international pyramid scheme that was shut down by the Feds (true story). She and I first became friends when we went out to lunch as coworkers and she ate my breadstick off my plate at TGIFriday's without asking. We haven't looked back since. She was very apprehensive about me becoming a mother on my own, and pre-Jellybean she was the one I least expected to become involved in Jelly's life as a result. However, as you have seen from this blog, she has since become Jellybean's favored babysitter, auntie (Tata is French for 'aunt'), dog-friend, and Bojangle's-deliverer. The Ta has helped me out many, many times over the past 15 months (this week!), and despite some questionable behaviors (she kept trying to feed my baby guacamole yesterday because she thought it was funny that it made her cry), she deserves some major kudos.

So here it is... the second part of the guest post written her niece, emailed to me last week (sorry for the delay in posting, I know, I suck, I should have thought of the children).

The Tata Blog - Part Deux by CC
20 Reasons to Love The Ta

1. she buys me stuff
2. shes frickin hilarious
3. she has time for everyone
4. she is a great mommy tata
5. she is a great care taker to my fur kids
6. she is very good at her work and what she does
7. shes smart
8. she does look like me (a little) bc. ya know im bringin sexy back meow! hehe

9. shes brave to face the craiglist killers hehe
10. shes not boring unless shes working
11. she buys me bojangles
12. makes up funny words
13. she loves me so much and would do anything for me
14. she likes im so cool that she likes to steal my cool saying so she can be cool too!
15. she watched dreamy zac efron with me!
16. she watched twilight with me! witched i already watched a million times but love it!
17. she is very good with the baby jenny and me and my cosiens
18. she LOVES my peace sign (NOT)
19. she brought me to the beach in wilimgton
20. tata is liked by many people!

Thanks for being you, Ta!

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The Ta said...

OMG - You and Sissy s***. That made me get misty. But it is true that I am bringing sexy back, meow.