Friday, February 5, 2010

I Sometimes Have Problems Finishing Thi

I love to write, and I love an audience, and this combined with my hatred and avoidance of my job should mean that I would post to my blog hourly. However, life gets in the way. By this I mean I am distracted by my Farmville crops and finding something for lunch that isn’t a boring sammich and reading other people’s blogs. Then I feel all guilty, because I realize how entertained I am by everyone else, and I am not pulling my weight.

I don’t really have too many problems finishing things; I might procrastinate, but I do like to see a project to its close. There are maybe 2-3 projects that I can think of that hang over me (DAMN SCRAPBOOK), like the box of sewing stuff to make a little rag dolly for Jelly and (SCRAPBOOK! I SHAKE MY FIST ANGRILY AT YOU!) cleaning out my closet. That’s not to say I can stay focused and avoid distraction, no siree. That’s how my socks ended up smelling like corned beef. I was cleaning up from dinner and Jellybean spilled a little cup of milk. 3 tablespoons of milk, and she was drenched from head to toe, I had to re-mop the floor, and 17 towels were soaked. So I stopped what I was doing, which was cutting up corned beef to put in the freezer, and ran everything upstairs. I noticed there was clean stuff in the washer, so naturally I threw it all in the dryer. Hence the corned-beef socks. But that’s what you’ve got to do when you’re a busy mom, single or otherwise. You always have to be paying attention to the next thing that needs to be done, otherwise you will be buried. So I do try to get crap done.

That being said, I have a kajillion half-started blog posts at any given moment. Some are scribbled as thoughts on paper, some are neatly typed in MS Word, some are jumbles of funny subject titles and anecdotes in my head. I want to write about the joys of completing my taxes and all the wild fantasies I’ve entertained about what to do with the money I’m getting back, even though I know the reality is I will fritter some away, and use some towards credit card debt, and blow the rest on unnecessary cute clothes for The Bean. I want to write about the challenges of a toddler, and how I feel like I’m doing everything wrong all of a sudden, when I’d been so confident (mostly) up til now. I’ve got excitement to share about an upcoming visit from my youngest sister M, and our trip to Halifax in ONE WEEK. So here, for your enjoyment, are two ‘half posts’. Started with good intentions, like so many things, but leaving something to be desired.

When you’re considering having a baby, people like to tell you that it will change your life. No duh. You totally know this, even if you’re one of those stupid arrogant spoiled teens on the MTV reality show, ‘Teen Mom’. Not that I would ever watch garbage like that. And can you believe Farrah’s mom totally hit her?! Awesome. Anyhow. Yes, so you know that it will change your life, blah blah blah. You know you’re never going to get the sleep you want again until you’re so old that you can’t. You know that your time will never be your own again, even time you really don’t want to share, like when you would just like five freaking seconds of privacy in the bathroom instead of playing ‘peek-a-boo’ or ‘that’s called a maxi pad, I’ll explain more when you’re older, I should probably stop referring to it as ‘mama’s diaper’ because that’s just going to be very confusing during potty training’. You know that you’ll have to make sacrifices, and someone else will always come first.
As a single lady, one of the things I really didn’t fully understand about this little person coming into my life was just how fully my life would not be my own anymore. You married women, you kinda hafta get use to it; you share a bathroom, hopefully someone else helps you with either making dinner or cleaning up, and there’s always another presence in your bed. Us wild ‘n crazy carefree gals don’t have to worry about things mysteriously disappearing in our homes – we put something down, it stays down (not always a good thing). We stretch out in bed. Our toothbrush is never touched by someone else’s grody cooties.
I will be the first to admit that I like things a certain way. I like things to be in a certain place. Jenny’s closet is organized by item (example; short–sleeved shirts all together, then long-sleeved, then sweaters), then color, then pattern. Except for playclothes, which are hung separately in outfits for ease of dressing when I’m mostly still asleep. I have never put socks on her that don’t match her outfit, even when we’re snowed in at home for 3 days. Some people might call it ‘compulsive’. Those people are totally accurate. Having another person in the house means that things aren’t going to be how you want them again for a long, long time.
[then I was going to write some more stuff about how I'm thinking about rearranging my kitchen to make it more kid-friendly, but how irritating that will be, and how when I leave an area of the house I have to do a total sweep to make sure it's Jenny-friendly]

Things I Failed At Yesterday [day before yesterday]
• Utilizing ‘time out’ successfully
• Keeping my patience
• Providing a healthy, nourishing dinner
• Remembering to never, EVER take a toddler shopping after a long day with a caregiver
• Saying ‘no’ to M&Ms
• Finding the @#$!&% tapir in the car
• Attempting to rationalize with a very, very young person

Things I Succeeded At Yesterday
• Finding the @#$!&% Swiper that was dropped out of the car into the snowbank
• Ending the day on a happy, mama-and-kid-in-the-tub-together note, totally destroying all my walls in the process (who knew water could even splash that high?)
• Buying toilet paper

[was going to write some stuff about how sorry you should all feel for me because my sweet, easy-going happy Jellybean had turned into The Debil; she's in full-on testing mode, and I am still so startled by the obstinacy that I am at a total loss]

Also, yesterday I signed her up for 2-day fall preschool. OMG she's going to love it. We went and toured the church (yes, you heard that correctly), and it's great. The classrooms are terrific, friendly and bright and welcoming (and lots of 'Dora' stuff, I noticed), they have a huge outdoor playground that is enclosed, and the best part is a MASSIVE gym, for rainy-day play. And the teachers are VERY sweet, and highly recommended by Miss D, who use to work there. Plus it's like, a dollar. $125/month. Yay!
Have a great weekend, everyone, and fingers crossed that we don't get snowed in tomorrow again and lose our freaking minds.


Stephanie said...

Ha! I will (quietly) admit that the boys' closet is organized the same way. How else can a parent form a good outfit? Of course, all of that is assuming that the clean laundry ever made it from it's basket. :-)

Fat Chick said...

"Finding the @#$!&% tapir in the car"

This requires more explanation. Like, was it a real tapir? Did you give it a name?

Jellybean Mama said...

@FatChick LOL, not a real tapir. Stupid 'Go Diego Go' toy. Jelly LOVES the thing. It's the size of a penny. Wait, what's smaller than a penny, and more irritating? It gets lost every 3 1/2 seconds and she has to carry it EVERYWHERE.

@Slorma I don't understand people who DON'T do that.

Laraf123 said...

WoW! I could have written that post! I experience all that on a daily basis (minus the tapir). You really made me laugh. As soon as I feed the baby, make my toddler's breakfast, dress them for the day, feed the dog, scrape oatmeal/bananas off every surface, take out the stinky garbage, find the crayons, I'll read your post again.

marit said...

You leave in one week!?! I'm sorry, that's apparently all I got out of that post. :P

Jo said...

Very good read. I'm afraid I'll never live up to your closet standards, however! I, too, find myself annoyed by the knowing "your life will change" comments. Yes, of course it will for heaven's sake. Isn't that the point? But yea, the extent of that still remains to be seen (for me, at least)! Thanks for some insight! Good luck with the "testing" stage--it's a testament to her intellect and her future as a really strong lady!

Joni said...

I feel like you were writing that just for me. I am a new follower.

MommieV said...

Thank you for sharing your partially done posts. They made me laugh! I have an adjustable closet organizer in the wee one's room so as I change my mind how I want her things arranged I can reorganize. I've left it alone for a couple of months now ... but warm weather coming and/or a one year birthday may change that.

I'm gonna have to work on my kitchen too. If you write more about that be sure to post it, in case you have any good ideas!

Genkicat said...

I agree - if one more person tells me that my life will change I think I'll have to kick them. THAT was the point.

Naomi said...

I am all about procrastination. I am suppose to be working right now, blah. One day I read about keeping a list of what you accomplished to help you focus on what you do...and I mean everything, all the stupid crap you wouldn't normally put on a to do list...dishes, took out garbage, etc. It's amazing how much us smc's accomplish in a day.

Everything will get done when it gets done. And I don't believe she's acting like the debil...she's too cute and cuddly looking to be bad lol. I'm glad you found a great place for her...I'm so over dora lol.