Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Faire Day

Who’s a pretty, pretty princess?

(other than me)

Jellybean is a pretty, pretty princess!!

Last weekend was the local Renaissance Faire. I’d like to say it was lots of fun – but I have an almost-two-year old. So it was a beautiful day, and she looked f’ing adorable, and there was lots of cool stuff to see and do… but we were only there for an hour, and in that time she had no less than 7 temper tantrums. Some were mild, and some were the kind where she balled up her fists and threw herself on the ground and kicked and shrieked, and I looked around at people like, ‘Omg WHERE is this kid’s mother? Because SHE must be a TERRIBLE person!’. Yeah, I did the thing where you freeze up and just stare in total shock and bewilderment (something I swore I would never do), and I may have said, ‘Look, do you see any other little princesses laying on the ground screeching their little princess heads off?’ (yep, check that one off the list as well, and I HATE that one). She’s doing this thing where she suddenly wants to be carried all the time, and mama don’t play that. I don’t like lollipops in my hair, or earrings torn out of my lobes, or boogers smeared across the front of my shirt. Mostly I just can’t deal with hefting around what feels like a trillion pound sack of Jellybean goodness.

Some of the unhappiness is second-year molars (yay, teething!). Some of the unhappiness is toddler-itis. Some of it is waking-up-at-5:45-ism. Whatever it is, it’s a very exciting time. Those of you with babies – YOU HAVE IT EASY. Yes, it’s true that they have to be carried everywhere in those heavy carseats, and they spit up, and they have a nasty habit of waking up in the middle of the night. But they aren’t the fun sponges that toddlers are. It’s the lack of predictability that gets me – never knowing what to expect from their behavior, their appetite, their likes/dislikes, their wake-up time, the fact that one morning they wake up and SANDALS ARE EVIL! OMG how DARE you try to put an open-toed shoe on their foot! SHRRRIIEEEKKK!!!!!!

Have I stressed enough that they are totally crazy people?


Barb said...

I love how you so often write about EXACTLY what we're going through. And you make me laugh about it. Sam is still trying the "Uppie" carry me thing but less and less in the last week or two. But he definitely has an opinion about everything and he always wants "different shoes" than the pair that mommy is holding. Meltdowns have ensued when the wrong shoes have been placed on his feet against his objections, so I've taken to just giving a choice right from the start. Someone told me before I had a kid that I had a new boss coming, and I think 2 and a half is when you realize that's true.

Adorable pictures of your little opinionated princess!!!

Laraf123 said...

Yes! Sometimes I feel as if I am walking on eggshells around my toddler when he is in a precarious (and rare) good mood. I have no idea what will set him off these days!

Rhaven said...

LOL! Oh hon, hang in there. It gets... well not better, but, umm, different? =D I love your line about looking around for her parents. BTDT!!! She looked so cute though!!!

MommieV said...

But that last picture is priceless!

Rector Funhouse said...

Jelly looks beautiful.

Aren't toddlers evil?! Remember how we thought babies were hard?

I'm thinking of starting a support group, "Moms have rights, too."

Good for you for taking a stand on the boogers.

chris said...

Beautiful picture of you and Jenny! They're not really rational at this point and you can't reason with them so really, I'm sort of stumped on how to deal with wanting-held-all-the-time, sandals-make-me-cry, i-suddenly-hate-chicken, say-no-to-everything toddlers.