Thursday, September 9, 2010

Bento Baby

Betcha thought this post was going to be about the beach trip, didn’t you? Well, I like to keep you on your toes. The beach trip was FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC, so filled with the awesome that I am still working on the post. Also, I got some pics yesterday (from FILM) that I still need to scan in, and they are somewhere in a Target bag which my kitchen has eaten, and my scanner is soooooooooo far away… the whole thing is just exhausting to think about.

Instead I bring to you –

The Lunch Box!

Jellybean had her first full week of school this week. And by ‘first full week of school’, I mean she went and played with playdough from 9:30 til 1:30 on Tuesday and today. So basically she’s a CEO, except she makes a couple million dollars less.

Tuesday’s lunch box was my first ever official packed-for-a-child-of-my-loins school lunch. It was very exciting. I got to use the food markers, a punch-er out-er, and a new sandwich cutter thingy. Because I am one of those weirdos who doesn’t like bread I keep it in the freezer, so the bread was a little, uh, not-so-fresh-feeling. So the markers and cutter thingy would definitely have worked better on nice, fresh, friendlier bread.

Here we've got a good ol’ PB&J sammich on white-wheat, gherkins with cheese cubes, wheat crackers, orange wedges with fruit leather bunnies, and a Lychee drink/juicebox (dude, I can’t read that box, who knows what the hell was in it, really).

Her teachers were surprised she ate gherkins. Yes, she’s a two year old, she’ll eat cute little sweet pickles but not a piece of steak, what can I tell you. I don’t understand ‘em. The only thing that came home were 3 cheese cubes and the oranges. Guess she was carbed out by then.

Today I did a little better representin’. Yo, food groups in da house!

Leftover balsamic-braised pork chop with fresh thyme, pecan Nut-Thins crackers, pocky, fruit skewers (banana, peach, apple, plum), and broccoli. Nice cold milk in the thermos.

Yes, those are sprinkles in the broccoli. I am just doing whatever I can to get that child to eat a damn GREEN VEGETABLE. And so cute! Sprinkles! Where are my sprinkles in my veggies, I ask you? Apparently today’s lunch wasn’t as successful; either that, or Jelly was just too excited to eat, because most of her lunch made it back to Miss D’s house, whereupon the small grumpy child promptly sat down and ate it then. At 2pm. Toddlers, man. You can't really see the cute little fruit skewers since I piled additional fruit on top. You'll have to trust in the cute factor. Hopefully they'll make it back home.

Next week I’m going to try the egg mold. I know you’re excited, but you’ll just have to wait.


marit said...

I know you already know this, but you're an overachieving freak.

Speaking of awesome foods I have lemon honey for you - courtesy of my mom. If that doesn't motivate you to meet me for lunch, nothing will. Ok, I'll throw some salt in, too.

QuiltingChaos said...

Very nice! Is that a yubo lunchbox? I'm still trying to get the hang of lunch packing.

Jellybean Mama said...

Yes, I LOVE the yubo. It's a little heavy, but it's extremely well-made, and I like how it comes totally apart for cleaning (plus I am less likely to lose all the little containers, right?). And the customizable faceplates rock.
I am also going to get something lighter and soft-sided, but I have a feeling this will remain my favorite.