Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I have no less than 6 different blog posts, fully written, in my head. If only that helmet that plucked stories and images directly from your brain and into the blogsphere had been invented by now, you would be reading about the beach trip, and the awesome Fiesta Del Pueblo last weekend, and our upcoming trip courtesy of Aunt Jonesy, and the latest lunchbox. However, since your friend Jellybean Mama has time today for only one story, and the latest craze seems to be painting posts (posts about painting, not like painting posts out in fields or whatever), I give you...

The playroom!
No, it doesn't look like much there, that's because it's my 'before' pic, with the really super crappy primer job I did LAST APRIL.

But look! I painted more! Can you believe it?
No, it's not water, it's sky. But the color is 'Sailing Day', which I thought was nice.

Then I needed some green on the bottom for grass.

She needs something on the bottom, I know. What can I say, she's a dirty hippie who likes painting au natural. Largely because I had the A/C off so that I could have the windows open and not die from paint fumes like I usually do. But mostly because she just likes to run around naked.
She was actually super good about the whole thing. I let her do that much then sent her away, where she played happily and quietly by herself for two hours. She got McDonald's and playland time after that, don't you worry.
And as a result, I was able to accomplish this...
A good base coat of the base! I need to go over it again because you can see the brush lines on the edging (and because I use cheap WalMart paint because no, I CANNOT be taught). But look! I decided on colors! And slapped a pattern of sorts up there! And I like the colors! The green is 'Appletini', which I thought was appropriate since that's what I'll be doing in the playroom.

If you want to be even more excited for me, I went online and ordered fabric for curtains and pillows for the reading corner that will be there, under the window. Yes, I am planning to sew them myself, I have sewn at least 5 things in my whole life and therefore believe myself to be totally accomplished. No, I do not plan to use 'patterns' or 'directions' or 'advice'. That is how I roll. Some people call it 'seat of the pants' or 'impatient'. Those people would be correct.

The fabric is here and here, and also here. Curtains here. Hopefully the colors work. I think it was quite daring to order it all online without swatches or samples or holding my laptop up to the wall. We'll see how it works out. The plan is to pick up some of the flowers/bees from that one pattern and hand-paint them on the wall. There was a gorgeous pop-floral that was my first choice, but since I'm not a millionaire and am totally going to ruin everything anyhow, I figured I shouldn't waste good money that could be better put to beach trips and appletinis. I mean, shelving. But that gives you an idea of something more my taste, and more what I plan to actually do on the walls.

Now you just have to wait another five months for me to finish the damn thing.


MommieV said...

I am so impressed - painting and photos of a naked toddler woven together with such skill!

I love the colors - that Appletini is great, but the Sailing Day takes it for me - my fave color is blue.

I'm considering your advice to sew the poodle skirt costume. I have sewn about 5 things in my life also. Now where did I put the sewing machine in the move?

Stephanie said...

I love it! I also love that I'm not the only one trapped in painting, fun.

/I sew without patterns, too. Who has time to cut out darts? WTF is a dart anyway?/