Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Hurry, Christmas, Hurry Fast

Seriously, is it Christmas YET?!!! I am dying here. Not in a super sad, the-holidays-will-forever-be-ruined way, but in an OMG I AM SO IMPATIENT!!! way. I am ready to have a few days off work, I am ready to not have to worry about meetings with my boss, I am ready for some extra peanut butter and JELLY time, I am ready to eat too much and laugh too much and watch junk TV and delight in watching people open presents.

I've been reading people's status updates and blog posts about their favorite Christmas memories and favorite gifts. It's made me want to play with a Lite Brite really, really bad. My mum made the best lite brite peg holder for me one year - she covered all kinds of little boxes in shelf paper, and they all fit securely in a little hinged case. For someone just a teensy bit compulsive it was fantastic. And very smart of her. I can't imagine letting loose anything like that in my house any time soon. Although Jellybean is really good about not putting toys or anything stupid in her mouth, those little peg thingies would be EVERYWHERE, and I don't particularly want to roll over in bed onto a fistful of them.

I don't know what my favorite memory or favorite gift would be. I know I was really stoked when I got my tape recorder; my sister N and I would read stories out loud ('Little Orphan Annie') and sing songs, and I'd tape stuff off the radio ('Tainted Love'). My favorite memories are of Christmas mornings in Cincinnati at my grandmother's farmhouse, waking up when it was still dark because I'd rolled over in bed and the bell on my stocking had jingled, and I would lay in delicious torture trying to go back to sleep or wait til a more decent hour to bound out of bed and join my cousins at the tree.

It's crazy to think that I'm helping Jenny build her memories.

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DannieA said...

just wanted to say I adore these photos of your daughter and Santa. MERRY CHRISTMAS!