Friday, December 24, 2010

One More Sleep Til Christmas

We are moving forward with Christmas plans, despite the weather forecast calling for a white Christmas for the first time since 1947 or thereabouts. Really, how awesome will that be to be on a train with the snow falling? It will be less awesome if we get trapped at the train station and I have to give sexual favors to hobos for Christmas dinner for Jelly, and still less awesome if we are stranded in Charlotte and Cousin J and I end up cage fighting for the bed. However, I am adventurous if not a little bit thickheaded, and have decided on this plan for the holiday so therefore, it MUST BE SO. And I do think it will snow, just because I have willed it to, and because it will make Jelly so happy. But I need to send thoughts of 4-5pm, because I would prefer to be safe and snug and warm either at home or at Ta's, where there are several crockpot meals and no urine-soaked homeless people.

I hope you have all enjoyed your special Jellybean Mama gift of several days in a row of posting. As my Grandma said about my enormous check this year, 'don't expect it to happen again'. We Jellybean family members are generous but like for you to know where you stand.

I hope you have an enjoyable holiday, whatever you celebrate. The days are going to start getting longer again, and those of us who have a touch of seasonal depression should start to see the light, literally and mentally. Hopefully this means at some point I'll feel motivated to both tear down decorations AND put them away, as well as steam mop whatever sticky stuff is on my kitchen floor that keeps snagging my socks. I hope Santa or Black Peter bring you and yours what is deserved, be that iPads or the Puppy Playdough set or time outs on the steps, and that family doesn't make you too crazy, but just crazy enough so that you are reminded where you came from and that it all makes the world go 'round.

Happy Holidays from Jellybean and Mama!

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Chris said...

"just crazy enough so that you are reminded where you came from and that it all makes the world go 'round." .. Love it! just love it!