Monday, January 17, 2011

One Month Til Mini Break!

In a month Jelly and I are going to be going on a Beat-the-Blahs Beach Trip to Myrtle. Yes, we did just return from Canada on Saturday, I know, but what can I say? The rates are ridiculously cheap in February, and - Lazy River! I get President's Day off, and hate to waste a perfectly good long weekend cleaning my house or doing laundry, so that will be our next adventure. To make things even more exciting, we are going to meet up with a fellow Blogger, MommieV. She's a fellow single mama with a little girl. No, we've never met IRL, that's what makes things more exciting - maybe she's a nice, normal single mama with a little girl, and maybe she's a middle-aged creepy dude who has been writing about cloth diapers for the past year in an attempt to lure me into a sense of complacency so that I would suggest a trip and she could molest my incredibly sexy mid-winter pale flabby hairy body.
Maybe we'll hit it off, or maybe we'll instantly despise each other, who knows? But we've each got our own room to go cry in if there's a worst-case scenario, and at best our girls will have a friend to occupy them and maybe won't be hanging off us the entire time. Another set of eyes, and someone to talk to, is the single mother's dream. That and, you know - sleep.

Since my parents have long given up on me doing anything sensible they are not that worried, but MommieV's mum understandably has some concerns. I thought it would be funny to make a little video for her so she could see how normal I am, but I come across as kind of weird and sing-songy. It's an incredibly unflattering angle, and I have both cold sores and period acne, so despite my good hair I look extremely unattractive. I'm also worried that my neighbors are watching, so I'm very self-conscious and spazzy. Jellybean of course looks terrific. If you choose to watch the terrible video please keep in mind that the camera adds 150 lbs and an extra chin. And I don't really talk like that. At least, I hope not. Is my nose really that sharp? Ugh. This is why you only ever see the kid.


MommieV said...

Technical issues. When I click on the video, it says its private.

Lemme know if it's just me, my very-low-memory laptop has been acting funny.

Jellybean Mama said...

I am neither good in front of a camera, nor am I smart about YouTube settings.

Should be fixed, thanks for letting me know!

MommieV said...

Love It!!

So, do you guys always dress alike, or at least in the same color scheme? Please don't say yes, because then I will have to rethink my entire vacation packing.

My kid will probably live in bathing suits and pajamas the entire time, so she's set.

And have I mentioned that I'm so stoked about the lazy river? :)

Genkicat said...

Fabulous! I totally want to go with you guys.

Barb said...

Hi People! :) Love that. What a doll. Consider this a request for more Jelly Bean videos.

chris said...

You are a smart mama!!! Mini-breaks! Yes! .. sorry for the exclamation marks but .. truly brilliant. Ok .. gonna read the rest of the post now. :]

chris said...

Love! the video. Especially liked Jelly Bean's sing-song "no no no nooo" and "people?". Adorable. Also, you look great so stop bitching about your looks. I mean that as a compliment :P