Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Work in Progress

I've got another post partially started, partially finished (what's well-begun is half done, as Mary Poppins would say), so I figured I'd drop in to say hey and make sure you didn't wander off and find someone much more interesting to follow instead, who blogged much more frequently and didn't have a penchant for run on sentences or words you weren't quite sure how to pronounce.

Look how cute that Bean is. I hit my once-favorite consignment sale last weekend, and that was her favorite thing. I knew it would be, because it's a real hard hat from a company construction site. It cost me one whole shiny dollar. In her hands she's studying a battery-powered drill that is part of a @#$% playdough set that I also got her. It's a dentist thing, that comes with molds where you make playdough teeth, you get the idea. I hate playing playdough like death. Yet I keep buying her stuff because she loves it, forgetting that she then wants me to play with her. Ugh.

Here's another picture for you.
This is what your iPhone photo album fills up with when you let your toddler play with it. This, and pictures of Elmo from the 'Monster Maker' app. What is this? I have no effing clue. But I have lots more like 'em. If the darn thing didn't make her so freaking happy I wouldn't let her touch it. She may love it more than me. Well, maybe just slightly less so since I discovered Cover Orange.

Medical Update: Yesterday I ramped up to 50mg/day of Mr. T. Today I learned that my dentist is likewise on the generic, so had a nice chat with her about some of her side effects and experiences. I'm still having the 2p dull headache and lots of sleeplessness, thirst and some mild nausea. And the severe stupids. I got a raging headache at a toddler birthday party on Sunday but hey, toddler birthday party. I'm not going to count that one.

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Stephanie said...

Run-on sentences are lovely--I just love them. I can make an entire paragraph from one sentence, it's fabulous. :-)

Okay, so one headache is better than a migraine. And toddler birthday parties are definitely NOT a barometer for success.

I love the hard hat!