Monday, October 20, 2008

Jelly Roll

I use to take baths in here. Now it's just another Jellybean play area.

Jenny rolled over yesterday, totally unprompted and totally tickled with herself. I put her down on her back, turned away to grab the camera, and she was on her stomach when I turned back around. Luckily she did it twice more so I could capture it on video for all posterity. Like everything she does, it makes me excited that she’s getting older and gaining mad skillz (still no bow, as yet), but also sad and nostalgic and where’s-my-baby-gone? all weepy momma. She’s going great guns with the solids, and I’m pretty sure she’ll claim a drumstick for herself at Thanksgiving dinner in Charlotte.

Strike 2 this weekend with the Big Bad Bathtub. I found another seat that is like a Transformer, and converts from baby-sits-in-water to baby-sits-upright-in-a-seat, that I thought would work. Apparently the bottom of my tub is to blame, as it was still a little skiddy. Also, it bit her in the leg. I’ve decided the builders of my house were sadists because the toilet is in the worst possible position for trying to give a kid a bath. I may have to move her cozy nest out of my bathroom tub and bathe her in there. So much work, this bath time thing! So much backache and sore knees and wet clothes and cold baby and dirty washcloths and trauma. *sigh* At least she’s being doing a great job of going to bed afterwards – she conks out after a post-bath bottle, I wait ½ hour or so til she’s dead weight, and she sleeps til 6. I actually got to read a magazine last night, and turn pages with BOTH HANDS! I know, my sister would punch me in the face since she’s got a toddler and a newborn and probably dreams of having 5 seconds to read a magazine or wipe thoroughly or eat a fig newton.

Saturday we didn’t go to the farm because it was suppose to be rainy, so we went to PetSmart with Tata and Jellybean picked out a puppy for her. Beau Diddley Dog is very sweet, although as much a burden as a baby (he can’t do steps yet so has to be carried outside at 3 am to piddle). Next weekend I was going to try to attempt a Halloween party, but since it starts at 5:30 and is 30 miles away, the math doesn’t bode well (the approaching train of bedtime hurtles towards me starting at 6 or 6:30). I am still going to try to do Trunk or Treat with the local mommies group on Sunday, though, which should be a good time. And Aunt Chrissy will watch the burden for a few hours on Saturday so I can go get a massage-school massage, which I cannot WAIT for after last week’s definite-absence-of-a-promised-massage at the spa open house. Hopefully Jenny will give Aunt C. less of a hassle than poor Aunt Jen last week.


marit said...

I'm so sorry I can't baby-sit on Saturday!
The baby pics keep getting cuter and cuter...

Chris said...

I have been meaning to leave a note for quite a while now. I found your DIY blog early in my pregnancy (am 23 weeks currently) and have been following it and your current one ever since. Your writing style is very enjoyable and in expectation of my own little bundle of love I enjoy the pics and all the little bits about Jellybean's new feats and adventures. Only wish you would write more often.

Good luck and best wishes,

Amelia's Mom said...

I ate a fig newton today but did not wipe thoroughly. (typed with one hand)