Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Vaccination Reaction and Little Baby in a Big Highchair

Jelly was a TROOPER getting her shots! She was understandably in pain and totally pissed off (rather than hurt feelings like last time), but it was over quickly and she calmed down right away. I have a new favorite doc at her practice, he was so great with her. She glared at him the entire time – I think she knew what was coming. I managed not to cry, since I realized she was going to look to me during stuff like this, especially as she gets older, and I needed to keep my shit together.
She was ok all day, but as early evening approached she started to feel lousy and got a little warm. She didn’t want to sleep or eat or play, she just wanted to snuggle and suck her fingers, poor little mouse. I took her temperature again (and was much less a baby about it this time) and she was at 101.3, so I called my sister and then gave her a little Baby Tylenol (Jenny, not my sister). I knew she wasn’t feeling well because she went to sleep with a very weak struggle.

We had a huge crashing thunder/lightening storm at 3:30a, which normally would be cool but all I could think was, ‘Oh god don’t wake the baby’. She sighed a few times but stayed asleep until her usual 4a. I did not get up though, and she fitfully slept until 6 and then started to howl, and I figured that was more reasonable than 4 so I should go get her. She was still warm, so I gave her a little more Tylenol and pulled the hot baby into bed with me, with the fan on. She slept a little bit longer, and was feeling better by the time we got up at 7:30. She’s at Nanny’s today so I hope she is doing alright.
The timing was stupid of me, but I was all excited to get the go-ahead from the doctor, so tried giving her a little cereal for dinner yesterday. She wasn’t too sure what to make of it, and was probably starting to run a fever at that point, so we’ll see what happens at our next attempt. Very cute though. I got all compulsive and put together a table of different foods for her to try, where I could document the date and her reaction. While I am looking forward to not spending $200/month on formula, I am sad that she is ready for this next stage. She’s still a baby, but she’s not going to be for very much longer. And it doesn’t matter how many pictures I take, or how many times I just sit and try to hold onto the moment, my first and only is going to grow up and I’m not going to have a baby any more. I’ll miss her very much.

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