Friday, December 5, 2008

It Could Always Be Worse

There are lots of good things about blogs. When you have one, it’s cathartic to post. You can share things with people that you might not otherwise have time, or courage, or a venue, to share. When you read other blogs, you learn interesting fun facts about other people’s lives. Mostly that, despite the fact you think yours is the hardest, EVERYONE out there has a really super bad (not the movie, but like, the kind of bad you don’t even talk about) day or week occasionally.

I was prepared to write yet another ‘oh poor me’ post this morning, as I am writing from bed. I started feeling crappy last night as my throat slowly closed up and my glands prepared to take over my whole head. I had nightmares about being sick. First thing this morning I called my doctor, who can’t see me til 4:30. I just know it’s strep throat. That’s what I get when I’m stressed and run down and miss sleep. And of course it’s a Friday, so I’ll need to take care of the baby all day tomorrow and Sunday by myself while trying not to give it to her. Oh, and then I fly to Boston Sunday evening because I have a presentation to give to 35 of my peers all day Monday and Tuesday. Yep, awesomeness.

But it could be worse.

I could have no sleep and a screaming baby, and be out of my mind worrying about what I could do to make it even a little better.

I could have a darling husband and several cute children, and be in a terrible plane crash and have to be put in a medically-induced coma for three months.

I could be still trying to have my first and only, suffering through month after month of crushing disappointment and fertility humiliations err treatments, only to be told at age 36 that I’m starting menopause early.

Some people think that blogs are self-serving, a waste of time, passive spam. I constantly find blogs that remind me to appreciate what I have, to stop bitching about the small things or even the big things because, well, at least I have the ability and energy to bitch, right? Over 500,000 people were laid off in the month of November, and I wasn’t one of ‘em. My neighbors totally suck, but I have a nice house, and the heating bill is killing me but I have heat. Diapers and formula have taken the place of $200 hair cuts, but I can feed and clothe my baby. I have to be away from Jelly for a week, but we will have two whole weeks at Christmas together, and I have a tree up and presents underneath it, and I didn’t have to steal or ask for a handout to get them.

If you are having a really, really bad time right now, look around the interwebs. There are other people sick and scared and lonely and tired and frustrated and hurting. Remind yourself of 5 things that you are grateful for. I’ll bet it won’t be hard. And hang in there. Remember the Devil's Arithmetic - one day plus one day plus one day plus one day...

My 5 Things Today:

1. Jellybean (duh!)
2. My job - Unknowingly paying me to write blog posts for over 4 years
3. My family, and my friends who are like family
4. I’m not in South Carolina
5. Chocolate-covered marshmallow Santas (you were expecting something deeper from me? Have you EATEN those things?! Happiness in a little green foil wrapper, my friend)


Chris said...

How easy to get carried away with the little crappy things we won't remember a week later when we have so many important things to be thankful for. Wonderful thoughts to start the weekend off with.

Hope you get better fast so you can enjoy your Jellybean this weekend.

Jo said...

Great post...and so true. And yet I'm constantly amazed at the compassion the blogging community shows for even the smallest of complaints. So here I go...sorry about the strep. That sucks. Hope you feel better soon.

Rector Funhouse said...

I'm assuming that was (at least partially) directed at me. Thanks for the reminder.