Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Long Slow Descent Into Holiday Hell

Man, am I beat. I really don't have time to dilly-dally around with blog posting seeing as I've got to prep for my presentation in Boston next week (yes, can you believe how pitiful my life is that I've got to go back already, and how pitiable your life is that you'll have to hear more whining about it?). But I hate to disappoint the fans, plus it gives me another opportunity to point out that my cousin hasn't posted in A MONTH practically. Sheesh.
Soooooooo... in one single stream-of-consciousness statement, here's the Thanksgiving event summary;

Lousy traffic as expected, overtired baby freaked out by everyone and the noise, overtired stressed out mother freaked out by noise and trying to keep freaked out baby from clinging to ceiling fan, hot and barfy shopping excursion, ignored for iPhone and totally jealous, headache, off-schedule baby, trying to do too much and exhausting self, put up Christmas tree and barely get half the ornaments on but HEY! it's a damn tree up and I'm a freaking single mother so BACK OFF! so very tired, baby not sleeping, nice to see family but so little time to enjoy it, house so full of people and baby stuff and need to do laundry and always dirty dishes and OH THANK GOD IT'S TUESDAY AND THE NANNY IS COMING.

The End.

Jellybean did NOT enjoy having guests in her house. She is a lot like me that way - she is very social and happy until she decides she's done with the whole thing, and then just wants everyone the hell out THAT INSTANT. She warmed up to my mum eventually, and my brother danced for her so she thought he was hilarious and he earned the name Uncle Dancy, which he's understandably not too thrilled about. She even came around to my dad, despite the fact he growled and pawed at her like some loud scary moustached bear. With his shirt tucked into his underpants. However, she constantly startled whenever someone walked past, especially in the evening, and all the extra sounds seemed to irritate her. She didn't sleep well, either in Charlotte or at home, and was pretty clingy even for a Jelly. I'm tired of hauling her fat butt around, regardless of how cute it is. I was happy to have non-house, non-baby work to focus on today.
It makes me even more excited for the Christmas break; since it's less than 3 weeks away, Jelly might remember the grandparents and not freak out as bad. And we have more time to settle into a comfortable routine. And I won't be all tense about being at my house, and everything that needs done. We'll have a whole two weeks to relax and spend time together, which was really the best part of the long weekend - just getting to spend time with the bean. I am glad and grateful that my parents made the long trek down here, and it was great to see them and hang out with my mum (and she cooked some awesome meals, as always). Secretly it was a little nice to have a clingy baby who wanted her mother, and it was me.


Jo said...

Hey--thanks for commenting on my blog. I've been catching up with your story. Congratulations!! She is adorable!! Very inspiring!

marit said...

I'm sorry you felt like I was ignoring you- I was trying to stay out of the way so you could have time with your mom but I admit I also was enthralled with said iPhone.
And I know, I *really* need to post.

Richard said...

This is Steph (still posting as Rich because I am too lazy to do otherwise.) So,I think I may be calling you at some point to discuss the whole - back to full time work thing - as it is my plan. Back to traveling through crappy airports, staying in hotels, etc etc etc. - all after 12 weeks or so of mat leave this spring. I am imagining shear exhaustion.... which I am starting to feel now without the baby even being here yet... I admire your stamina - particularly as a single mom. I say you have every right to complain and whine as needed - I will be doing the same.... it's part of our right as new mothers - kind of a "right of passage" thing, I believe. Anyway -I am sitting in a hotel in Vegas (sadly I am too tired to gamble and cannot drink). Fortunately, this is my last trip for work for the next 6 months or so (Yay!)

Take care!