Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Jellybean Gets a Pony

Yes, I swore I wasn't going to go crazy for Jellybean for Christmas.

Yes, I have proven time and time again to be a dirty liar.

No, I cannot afford this. No, she does not 'need' this.

But, really, as if? When people say, 'So what did you get your daughter for her first Christmas?', I will always be able to answer, 'A pony'.

And it's really, really super-cute. I know exactly what she's going to do on it. She's going to hug it, and crinkle its ears, and suck her fingers, and not rock 'n bounce at all. But she will love it.

In exciting news, JENNY GOT HER FIRST TOOTH!!! Yes, now all she wants for Christmas is just one more to pop through and she'll have her two front teeth. She did awesomely, I didn't even know it had shown itself until I stuck my finger in her mouth. Good work, Jelly! Next stop, steak!


Jo said...

I love that it's a radio flyer! Next step up is a wagon!

marit said...

Teeth and a pony. Big week!
She was a very good girl- minimal teething trauma.

Rector Funhouse said...

Maybe the teething caused the stuffy nose? Parenting rule #1 - blame everything on teething!