Tuesday, December 9, 2008

It Got Worse

Even if you don't know her, you want to kiss her, don't you?!

The good news on Friday was that I did NOT have strep throat. Yay!

The bad news was that Saturday evening I came down with the flu. I was hot/cold and up all night, finally barfing some time around 4am. Sunday morning my life-saving friend Ta picked up Jelly early, and I pulled myself together enough to shower and get on a plane.

Sunday evening I ran off a plane and barfed my guts out in the baggage terminal bathroom.

Early Monday morning I barfed some more, dozed feverishly, then woke up with pink eye.

This morning I woke up with the flu, pink eye, PLUS a cluster of cold sores.

Whaddya think tomorrow will bring? I’m excited. I am wondering if I’ll actually spew frogs, or locusts maybe. My poor little immune system must be so mad at me, I can’t imagine. I assume it’s from Jellybean constantly sneezing in my open mouth, or because I spend 14 hours a day up to my elbows in her boogers, or because she had some fussy nights and refuses to sleep anywhere but 1 ¼ inches away from my face, and she thinks it's hilarious to spit at me to try to get me to open my eyes.

I can only assume the lack of sleep the past few weeks is to blame. That, and my mother is right and I need to start taking better care of myself and eating real food. The past few days have been brutal – I’ve cut out dairy, chocolate, caffeine, citrus (or anything acidic in general), all migraine triggers in case that’s contributing (alcohol, mushrooms, MSG) – nothing is helping the crapping/barfing program my body is steadily running. Do you REMEMBER the post where I said I was looking forward to this week because I was going to get to go out drinking with some old coworkers I hadn't seen in 5 years?! CRUEL!!

Since I’m trying to be more positive this week for whatever reason, it’s actually good that I’m not home in my comfy bed right now. I’m not exposing The Bean to whatever the heck I’m wracked with. And I don’t have to get up with her in the night, which was brutal on Saturday (I put her in my lap and did the sitting bump thing to get down the stairs so that I wouldn’t drop her). Although I miss my electric blanket when the chills take over – I slept fully dressed and in my winter coat Sunday night, which was not as comfy as you might think. And I feel bad knowing that I exposed at least a zillion people to the medley of holiday joy I’m walking around with. But it’s a bad time to be unemployed, and my boss now definitely knows I’m committed (as well as committable).

I just want to be home. I miss my snotty baby. Look at that face again. How could I feel bad when I've got that waiting to greet me in a few days?


Richard said...
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Richard said...

We loved the Christmas card.. thank you.. soooo cute :)

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