Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Dear Bed, I Miss You. Love, Me.

Saturday was fun – we went to the parade, and Jellybean thought it was the best thing ever. Of course, how could you go wrong with dancing and music and doggies, and people laughing and smiling and waving at her?! We set up camp right at the beginning of the parade, so scored all kinds of green beads and leis and candy and free t-shirts, which was very exciting. I was a little disappointed that there weren't more bands (no high school bands at all - Cousin J, you can explain why to me later). But there was a bonus crazy person beside us, which I thought was cool. Other people near us were a little freaked out by him, but I think it's good to have learning opportunities like that for Jelly ('See, he's a grown-up but he's very excited to get candy too!'). There's a lot of crazy in my family, both the medically documented and treated kind as well as the let's-never-talk-about-this-and-pretend-it-doesn't-exist kind. I want Jellybean to have every opportunity to be open-minded and sensitive to the fact that there are all kinds of different people in the world, whether they're challenged or the gays or that religion where you're not allowed to dance, and we shouldn't be freaked out or disapproving or scared or judge-y. Live and let live, man. Plus, I just like to talk to strangers, and like it when people talk to me, and I have better chances with the crazies.

Sunday was badness. I messed up dates and was hazy on locations, so ended up driving all over the place to find a couple consignment sales, one of which was over and one of which was just totally lame. Then I drove another zillion miles for a BBQ that had been cancelled without my knowledge. All in all, poor Jenny spent about 6 hours in the car, and we were both tired and grumpy and did NOT get birthday cake and the day was ruined. I didn't get to the laundry or the grocery store or my bed for a nap or to taking Jelly's 10-month pictures. However, that evening, in the cool quiet twilight, rocking her to sleep, I realized that any day spent with Jellybean was a good day no matter what, and that was nice.

Last night I totally jinxed myself by gloating to my sister about how awesome Jenny was sleeping lately, which resulted in The Gods of Gloating Mothers smoting me soundly. Jelly woke up screaming around 1am, and couldn't be soothed despite my rocking and singing for over half an hour. I assume it was a baby nightmare of the worst kind, since she wasn't sick and she had all her major appendages intact. I finally gave up and dragged her into bed with me, which I must remind myself is NEVER the right answer. After a handful of snatches of sleep interrupted by kicking and punching (not by me, I'm proud to say), I blearily crawled out of my small corner of the bed I'd been allocated to learn I'd started my period. Of course. So breakfast was a gallon of coffee, followed closely by fistfuls of Tums and Midol, and now I'm just grumpy and crampy and jittery and tired and barfy. Blergh.

The Bean seems to be having a good day (of course she is, SHE got a lovely nap and isn't working on Powerpoint slides that keep fuzzily sliding away from her). She is standing up like a champ, even better than just three days ago. As Nanny pointed out, it's going to be so bizarre when the two monkeys are walking around. I have to go out and pick up a Craigslist high chair (this one), which hopefully will replace the chair that makes them chew on the delicious kitchen table. Then I have to be done with my CL fixation, because my tax-spending frenzy went a little too wild, and I'm back to Dollar Store tuna and powdered milk.

I hope whatever you are doing today you are much more cheery than me. And showered.


Mary said...

Oh but JBmama, can't every crappy day be written off with the phrase "tired and grumpy and did NOT get birthday cake and the day was ruined"? Lol a great way to put it. Sorry to hear the times were challenging but excited to hear about the bean walking sooooon!!!

marit said...

There were no marching bands because St. Patty's Day is not a real holiday, at least in Raleigh. We have like, 4 Irish people in the state (and I will be struck down by an Irish God).
Sorry about your no sleep! As for the PowerPoint, just toss in a couple transitions and a sound effect or two and no one will be the wiser.