Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I'd Love Some Pot O' Gold Chocolates Right About Now

The Ta says, "Don't you blog anything bad about me, I'm The Ta!"

I may have too many writing obligations now. In addition to the stuff I like, get PAID to write (some exceptionally boring technical articles for work), I also have my blog, Jelly’s website, the Triangle Mommies +35 REPRESENT!, and my favorite Choice Moms blog (if you haven't had enough of me by the end of this, read my 'What Ifs' post here). It just so happens that I really should have something for all those, today. Hurray for overextending oneself!

Jelly had a very fun Friday evening at Tata’s Pizza Party and Jellybean Squeeze Emporium, where she made some new friends. J-Jo and Nurse S. were astounded by Jenny’s mad eating skillz, and Jenny couldn’t believe her luck when The Ta was dumb enough to give her a delicious cannoli. After inhaling her own personal 7-inch cheese pizza and the aforementioned pastry, J-Jo and Nurse S. puzzled out the complex Pooh Jammies and got some snuggles. J-Jo is apparently now her #1 fan, since she is another Jennifer, and has plans to bestow upon Jelly all kinds of awesome personalized jewelry items. Jelly of course loved the attention, and has already asked to go visit all those nice food items I mean people again.
I can't believe they gave me this deliciousness!

Jelly and her newest fan base

While Jelly was jamming, mama was nerding out at CarolinaCon V (not to be confused with ‘V – The Final Battle’). My little hacker group hosts a technology conference every year, and while I generally find the talks a little too much like school (why would I want to LEARN in my free time?!), it’s great to get together with a fun, smart, very varied group of people every year. It’s always exciting to see what the kids are up to these days (I was offered 2C-I, a fun new experimental drug; while I was smart enough to Just Say No, I did make the mistake of tasting the homemade ‘Apple Schnapps’, which was nowhere near as tasty as Windex or as smooth as Ammonia). I also made yet another drinking mistake. Yes, tequila and House Nachos are bad, but a worse mix is a gallon of vodka and sushi. Sushi! Who gets tanked and decides to eat $300 worth of raw fish?!! Apparently, hackers. I also thought it would be funny to take another picture of myself, drunk, in a bathroom. I am such a moron.
"Say 'Hi' to the nice people, Baby Hacksalot!" says the soon-to-be-dad

Yes, those are glow sticks and a necklace flask around my neck. Yes, I am really lame.

Saturday morning I was definitely paying for my night of debauchery, with my vodka-tuna hangover and lack of sleep. I dragged us back to the Con so she could be exposed to extreme geekiness, but then Jelly decided to punish me further by refusing to nap, so the two grumpy girls went to bed early Saturday and missed out on some St. Patty's parties. We did, however, have a fun day Sunday cooking baby meals and running errands.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I realized just how much I hate green when I went through my closet this morning. I found an old sweatshirt of Cousin Jim’s, and a pair of capris (both olive), and that was it. Jenny had a sweater and one pair of pants and some Oscar the Grouch socks, and that was it for her. The only thing I hate more than green is purple – I own NOTHING purple (not even underwear or socks), and The Bean has one spanky suit and one onesie (and I think one hoody that no longer fits) and that’s about it for her. I wonder what kind of stuff she’ll pick out for herself when she’s older?

Lastly, I'd like to strike a stand for the non-breastfeeding-and-proud-of-it women out there. This article* is both hilarious and enlightening (and I'm sure my sister will want to do her own research to either support or refute it, since this is one of her pet projects). As a mother who was a low producer with nipple issues (sorry, TMI, I know) and had a terrible fear of starving her baby, I made the agonizing switch to formula and it has tormented me since, but in my heart of hearts I know it was the right thing for me to do, especially as a single working mother. Try to imagine the number of people who have either conciously or unconciously said horrible things to me, or around me, as a result. And don't post a comment that I am Satan Incarnate, because, duh, I know already! If you're a mother-to-be out there, reading this, you might as well start preparing for this trauma, no matter if you do or don't breastfeed. It's just one of many, many things you will somehow do wrong in someone's eyes, no matter how you do it. Might as well accept that and get use to it now!

Have a good week!

(*I found it really interesting that the La Leche League were totally Christian Crusaders)


Rector Funhouse said...

Good update. Hilarious drunk picture.

Great BF article. You're right, I'm going to definitely take some time to digest it. I especially loved the last paragraph ... made me cry.

Chris said...

I live vicariously through you :P

Yeah, the whole breastfeeding thing is whack .. like so many things it's a personal decision that should have more to do with instinct than anything else. I very much enjoyed breastfeeding while it was happening and miss it horribly now although I can't explain why .. it might have something to do with hormones.

Didn't know that about La Leche .. good thing they never returned my call.

Chris said...

.. also the article is great. I have never heard about the inconclusive reports though which is why breastfeeding has been such a big deal for me. I guess it makes sense that mother's milk would have some nutrients that formula doesn't but the question is whether they add any benefit past shiny toenails or something like that.

Billy said...

breastfeeding... that's something I would really love to do, but it scares me that too many women around me have struggled with it.
And the La Leche League were originally Christian Crusaders!? Wow! Big wow even, having La Leche here too, in a Jewish country.

purple & green - completely my two favourite colours!!

Should have probably started by saying hi :-).