Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Just Being Jelly

I'm sorry I've been so derelict in my blogging duties lately, but I only have time for a quick pic and update before I've got to scurry (scurvy?) off and write an overdue post for the Triangle Mommies. I am going to be blogging for them as a decrepit spinster in the 'Club 35' category. It should be exciting. I will be using labels for the first time! (dunno why I never bothered here, just lazy I guess).

We had a playdate this morning with some very active and adorable twins, and while I learned you should never have a playdate with a professional photographer unless you're prepared to do your hair and plaster on some make-up, it was a lot of fun. The twins are a month older than Jellybean, and are big on giving kisses, so at one point Jenny was laying on the floor getting totally mauled with love. She looked slightly confused and slightly thrilled. I told her she might as well get use to it, since she's so freaking adorable. Until she's 14 and enters that convent, obviously.

Not much new, we got our second snow and it was just irritating - cold, made me worry The Nanny wouldn't make it, was a sign that I definitely will not be able to go to the beach any time soon. Jenny tortured me for three mornings in a row by waking up at 4:45, an ungodly hour that should only be seen by drunks arriving home from the bar or night shift people excited to be going home soon. I have been, uh, unpleasant, to be around, and have made myself go to bed earlier and earlier the past few nights. Which totally blows, because I work all day and take care of Jelly for a few hours and then go to bed. No fun there. I take that back, hanging out with Jellybean is always fun. But I miss my 'unwind time', watching movies or playing video games or WORKING ON THE DAMN SCRAPBOOK WHICH I AM NEVER GOING TO FINISH. *sigh*


Shannon said...

That's hilarious! My twins certainly did love on your cute Jellybean!

Chris said...

I love that picture .. her personality really comes across in all the images of her you put up. That's not always the case with kids which is probably why everyone is attracted to her like to a magnet.