Monday, October 4, 2010

A Cool and Sunny Monday

Just a quick little 'Happy Monday' post. Man, I am LOVING these cooler mornings. And afternoons. And evenings. Northerner much? I feel more awake and focussed, and I get fewer headaches. Stupid heat. It's so strange, one day it was 97 and the next day it was 67, and that was that. I guess I can probably deflate the toddler pool, huh? I did manage to clear out my local Dollar Store over the weekend, they had all kinds of summer toys on clearance. I got all the little boats and balls that JR kept trying to steal from other kids, that I didn't realize were so CRITICAL to toddler pool play.

It was a pretty good non-beach weekend. Miss Bean was in a bit of a mood, which I am blaming partially on the cold and hacking cough she's still dragging around, and partially on the fact that she is just so darn, well, two. Lots of whining and dawdling and 'look how cute I am as I say 'no!'' that just doesn't cut it with a Very Mean Mama. So lots of fights. But we also found a fun new local farm, complete with requisite bounce house (you know how those cows love to bounce), made it halfway through the Sing-a-Long 'Beauty and the Beast' showing at the local theater, finished the playroom (mostly), and dug out some Halloween stuff.

Two weeks from today I'll be back in Boston for work. Sigh. Performance reviews. Blergh. More talking about how I need to step up and be more of a leader. I don't wanna be a leader, I want to keep my head down and do the minimum to get a paycheck, why can't my boss just accept that and go develop someone else? But, how cool is this - we're doing a team activity that Wednesday that doesn't suck! We're taking the whole day to do a Boston Food Tour, starting in Chinatown and ending in Little Italy. You know what that means - Dim Sum for breakfast!! Omg, I cannot wait. I've worked for my company for 5 1/2 years and have never once gone into Boston proper, so it's doubly exciting. And Jelly gets to have a sleepover party at The Ta's, so she will hardly notice I'm gone.

I'm trying to decide if we are camping next weekend. I have a feeling it's another no-go. It was just really, really nice to be at home this past weekend to get stuff done. Staying home next weekend could mean curtains. And a Renaissance Faire outfit for Jelly! (see, I told you I get an over-inflated ego from minor successes).

Look! I SEWED!! I am a 1950's housewife ROCKSTAR!! Um, I mean 1850's.

We've had some rain, but Jellybean doesn't mind one bit.

It was the place to be.

A lovely fall day to re-enact 'Children of the Corn', everyone's favorite kid's movie.

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Sarah Fain said...

The playroom's looking great! Also wanted to let you know I nominated you for a blogging award! Here's the link, if you wanna check it out--