Thursday, October 14, 2010

To Do

But why, Jellybean Mama? Why are you so stressed? What is making you lie (lay?) awake nights, other than your possible bad grammar?

I thought I’d share today’s Reminders list to provide some perspective. And also because I hate leaving such a depressing post as the last thing for you to stare at until next week. I know it will be fine, I know I’ll find a way to get my shit together and my head above water, I know everything will work out and this time next week I’ll have had a few drinks and a few good night’s (nights’?) sleep and I’ll have a better outlook.

  • Move or provide coverage for tomorrow’s scheduled conference calls and edit out-of-office message; update any relevant documents required for the meeting status updates
  • Finalize and submit at least the key deliverables for tomorrow’s deadline; work late tonight to get as much done as possible, then message manager that I will not deliver the remaining items on time and outline plan for completion/how to avoid this next release cycle. Update resume.
  • Pack for next week’s business trip; drop off jacket at Dry Cleaners if time
  • Finish prep for Monday’s Annual Review and Tuesday’s Retrospective Team Meeting
  • Check in Sunday morning for Monday's flight
  • Complete, print, sign and date a Medical Consent form for caregiver
  • Pack bag for Jelly for next week and take to caregiver; include outfit for school picture day next Tuesday
  • Pick up donation items for preschool since I didn’t sell any @#$% cookie dough for their @#$% fundraiser (due last Tuesday) and I don’t want to be That Mom
  • Drop off and pick up post-op prescription
  • Complete pre-op paperwork
  • Pack bag of items for surgery (blanky, books, Ernie and Mickey, socks, sippy, Pull Up and underpants)
  • Call for surgery time after 2p; message friend who will be going with me once I have the schedule (Edit: Ha, and let her know where it is! See what happens when something isn’t on my list?!)
  • Get any groceries/items for post-surgery (soup, juice, popsicles, vodka)
  • Give caregiver a copy of post-op instructions for next week
  • Remember to take prescription and blanky to caregiver’s Monday morning
  • Re-schedule post-op appointment (work conflict)
  • Remember to not give Jelly anything to eat or drink tomorrow before surgery. Do not eat or drink anything in front of her so as to avoid being shanked.
So, um, yeah. That's why my head hurts right now.

Thanks again for all the well-wishes and happy positive comments, blog friends.

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Genkicat said...

My head hurts reading that!