Monday, October 25, 2010

Two Months

til Christmas! Yep, can you believe it? Man, I love Christmas. Yes, it sneaks up on me because I'm Canadian and after 16 years STILL cannot deal with Thanksgiving being like, 5 seconds before the most joyous of all holidays. So I just wanted to help everyone out in case this wasn't on your radar. Or if the malls hadn't started decorating yet like they have here. CRAZY! Before Halloween! I will have a problem buying scented pine cones and cranberries to string in July. Oh, I'll do it, but I will have issues with it.

So, um, we've been busy here. Things are a bit better now that Jenny is feeling much better (albeit giving me grief for being gone to Boston for a week). I was able to handle discovering a dead car battery at 7:40 am with poise and a call to AAA instead of cursing and Southern Comfort Cheerios. I swear I will have some hilarious pics of Jelly posted soon (vague, yes, but well-intended). And I have sadly mistreated the Scientist, so I need to give an update on that.


One week from Saturday is Vegas! It's just nuts. I can't believe I'm home only two weeks before leaving the Bean again. At least it's technically work travel so I can't feel TOO guilty. And then, two weeks after that is Myrtle Beach for Thanksgiving (yes, I am keeping it on the books, screw the credit card). And I made my first Christmas reservation today - 'Milk and Cookies with Santa' at the local community center. So freaking cute. Tis the season for everything to get really, REALLY busy. Cause you know, we're all just sitting around watching our stories and eating our kids' Halloween candy.

How cute is this?
(Answer: SO cute!)

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MommieV said...

My mother keeps repeating that because TG is relatively late this year, there are exactly 30 days between TG and Christmas. Not much time.

She repeats things because she has had several strokes, so while my irritation escalates at each reminder, you can't beat a disabled person. Even if they are your mother.

I usually wait until Dec 15th. That's when my Christmas break starts and also when I get my last paycheck before the holiday. Usually I go shopping and buy everything in one fell swoop, including a tree if I'm putting up a real one, decorate in a day or two, and leave it up until my birthday (Jan 27).

Although I was much more in the spirit last year now that I have a wee one to bestow the holiday spirit upon. And now that she's a toddler, watch out, it'll be fun here.