Monday, October 4, 2010

I Was Never This Popular in High School

I was nominated for the Versatile Blogger award by an awesome blogger (interesting yet confusing info here - who the hell likes to UNLOAD the dishwasher, instead of load it?). Like so many of these crazy things, I apparently have to share seven things about myself, then nominate seven other bloggers.

Seven Things That Are Mostly Kinda Lame About Me

  1. I’m left-handed
  2. I have dual citizenship
  3. I have a natural immunity to Hepatitis-B
  4. I bite my nails, horribly, below the nail line, but can't quit
  5. My favorite number is four
  6. I love salt
  7. I’ve done professional voice work

Seven Blogs That I Read Almost Every Single Time They Are Updated, Except When I Don't

  1. My Little Slice of Mommy Heaven, who is so impossibly different yet the same as me in a zillion ways. Also, I think if I were to have a stalker, it'd be her, so that's pretty sweet.
  2. Motherhood is Not for Wimps, because Damomma taught me that it IS possible to be an awesome mom, even if no one else sees it or thinks so
  3. Baby For 1, another single mom making her own way one really hard day at a time.
  4. Scattermom, a real-life friend who is stubborn, manic, driven, and creative - just the way I like 'em. Also, I want her eldest to marry Jelly. He's too sweet for words.
  5. My virtual friend at The Next Few Steps, whose honesty makes me want to reach through the internet void and give her real hugs, not just text hugs.
  6. The stay-at-home dad over at Sweet Juniper!, who alternates between hilariously creepy children's book reviews, weird street-fruit recipes, and winsome stories of his adventures with his kids. I want to hang out with him, even if he is a damn hippy.
  7. Tales of a Batty Nurse, who I don't have much in common with except for understanding that all-encompassing, desperate drive to have a baby of your own, and who I admire deeply for her plan of action.
So, uh, there you have it. Two posts in one day. Don't get use to it. And thanks for the nomination! You like me, you really like me! (hey, one person counts, shut it)


hopefulcc said...

Well deserved award! I usually laugh out loud at least once reading one of your posts. Laughing WITH you of course. Not at you.
Have fun in Boston!

MommieV said...

Shit, she's on to me. Quick, run and hide.