Monday, February 9, 2009

70 Degrees and Rising

Jelly tries valiantly to stand for Nanny
If you are as tired as I am, you probably shouldn't read this post because you'll have to take a nap afterwards. I was really planning on a quiet, stay-at-home-and-relax weekend, honest, but since the weather got up to 70 degrees we just couldn't stay in the house. Don't worry, Jellybean was slathered in sunscreen and wearing a hat at all times.

Friday – The monthly hacker meeting. Jelly and I hung out and talked about new technologies and sexy sensor keyboards and played with a cool robot computer panoramic picture-taking thingie (from GigaPan, the same kind that was used for the inaugural address photo), and JJ realized that being out at night past her bedtime with all the neon signs lit up and the light evening breeze blowing was COOL, even if she was with a bunch of nerds. Then The Ta picked her up and I got to go and make several rookie mistakes (bars that have $4 Long Island Iced Tea specials should not be allowed to sell nachos that come with chips, French fries, ONION RINGS, chili, and nacho cheese) but had a lot of fun and was in by midnight.

The Bean is stealing your identity right now

Saturday – After 8:45am swimming lessons (where I learned that Baby Jesus doesn't only punish teens for drinking, he punishes mothers who have to get up early and scrape off mascara and get into a bathing suit as well) we picked up Ta and went to a church consignment sale. It was kinda crappy but we got a few things, notably the best-ever guitar for $2.50. After that was lunch, then a visit to the local park, where I almost got into a fight with the people hogging the baby swings with their bratty 4-year olds, but Jenny finally got a turn and it was a gorgeous day. She did, however, have a chemical spill out her diaper and up her back that almost made Ta sell her house. Then, because I'm a crazy person, we got home and I decided to wash the car while Jelly ate dirt. That night my baby smelled like a mix of chlorine, coconut, Johnsons & Johnsons, and sunshine, and it was glorious. I collapsed into bed.

A well-deserved TV-watching break from all the fresh air

Sunday – After doing two loads of laundry we were out the door and running errands by 10, stopped and got subs and then home again to unpack the groceries and purchases just before noon to get a picnic lunch packed up. Went to the other park, had a nice lunch and ate some sand and played on the swings, then home for a quick nap. After the nap we went and picked up a Craigslist toy shelf, realized it wouldn't fit in the car with the next item to be purchased, so drove home and unloaded it then went back out again to the OTHER side of town and picked up the Craigslist sandbox. Came home, trucked several bags of sand around to the back of the house and filled the sandbox, sanitized the toy shelf and filled it, made some tofu-and-veggies for Jellybean and a ribeye for mama out on the grill (yes, Jenny actually cried until I gave her bits of my steak), unpacked all the picnic stuff, cleaned the kitchen, watched 'Akeelah and the Bee', had a good cry (stoopid movie! stoopid LF and his sexy, sad voice!) and collapsed into bed.

I am exhausted.

Notice that nowhere on the list did I mention 'clean house in preparation for parent's imminent arrival'.


In exciting 'omg my baby is such a PERSON now' news, she is starting to wave! I thought it might be just good timing on her part, but The Nanny confirmed this morning that yes, Jellybean is doing a super-cute open-close handed wave (not just the hand-shaky wave, which is much easier). She is also starting to pull up on stuff, which I learned when I loaded up the new slightly rickety toy shelf and put lots of bricks and barbed wire in the top. Her other new thing is to bounce when she's very happy, or listening to music, or eating pretty much anything. And while I knew she was very empathetic (she hates it when The Nanny's son cries), she will 'whine' when The Ta's Beau-dog whines. She likes him a lot, it's very sweet.

That's enough for Monday. Start practicing your heart-shaped pancakes!


marit said...

My god, lady! You got more done than I did this weekend. LOTS more.
I love the video of Jelly bouncing around in the pool although she mostly seems to want to lick the water. :D

Chris said...

Wow! That's a lot of stuff. Hope you get to replenish that energy this week. The toy chest looks very nice and useful.

Sounds like the 2600 meetings [if that's what they are] are a lot more fun over there than over here. I gave up on my local geeks a long time ago.

Jellybean Mama said...

Yep, they're the NC2600 meetings, and I am the self-appointed 'social director', so I tend to get us off-track quite a bit. It's a really great group of (guys), I've been attending for about 3-4 years now.