Monday, February 23, 2009

9-month Checkup

My friend and yours, Ms. J.J. Jellybean, had her 9-month checkup this morning and is doing great. I was worried her ear infection had come back since she was tugging on her ears again lately, but no, the little princess just doesn't like the feeling of her newly-grown hair tickling her ears. I see a baby headband in her future. Or, as her Ta suggested, a fullet.

Doc Awesome said that people need to stop screaming 'OHMAHGAWD SHE'S ENORMOUS!' when they see her, because her weight is leveling off and she's healthy and happy and I should stop worrying already. He said not to mess around with next-stage formula, and that only two bottles a day was fine, and that everything I was doing (putting a little milk in her scrambled eggs) was just fine, which is why I luv him so much. So I will stop worrying for two seconds.

How cute was it that he tested her reflexes for the first time, and I got to see her fat little leg kick up?! He said her reflexes are great. He checked through all the fat folds to make sure there weren't any Cheerios or Buicks hiding in there, and she got her final Hep B shot. She was a brave little camper, and very happy despite the fact the nurse totally forgot about us and I had to go hunt her down.

This weekend was good, we went to the new favorite park both days and got our swing action on. We hit a really crappy consignment sale Saturday, which was disappointing. And Jenny was practically mobbed at Kroger, where everyone from 4-year old kids ("Momma, I want that baby!") to teenaged girls ("Look, she's still smiling at us, she is so pretty! Can we take a picture?!") to little old ladies ("Those cheeks! How do you not pinch them?!") fell all over themselves to play peek-a-boo, blow her kisses, come up and hold her hand and walk beside the cart talking to her, etc.. It's tough being the mother of a celebrity, now I know how Katie Holmes feels. Except fatter and with worse hair and no short gay husband.

Tomorrow we have a play date with a boy/girl set of twins who are just a little older than Jellybean and Cade, which should be lots of fun and chaos. Then Wednesday there is a free Gymboree class. Busy, busy, busy!

Have a good week, everyone!


Richard said...

She's so cute - - the video is adorable - her laugh cracks me up.


marit said...

I love it when she's checking herself out in the mirror. So thoughtful. She's probably wondering what the bow is all about.