Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wednesday’s Child is Full of Woe. And Fritos.

Tired people have bad hair and extra chins

Anyone else out there just plain tired? Tired, tired, tired. I am late on a whole bunch of work deliverables and need to give myself a kick in the pants to get going on them. I just feel very draggy lately. That's a word I just made up. It means, 'to constantly wish one was in bed and the whole world had disappeared, just for a few hours'. The antibiotics seem to be helping out Poor Jelly, as her mood has vastly improved and she's been quite chatty lately. However, she cannot be convinced to sleep past 6am, no matter what time she goes to bed or how I've tossed and turned, and I just am not doing a very good job of becoming a morning person, no matter what I tell myself. I also still have a problem with trying to cram way too much into the weekend, which means I don't get any extra rest on non-work days. Last weekend was swimming, and errands, and shopping, and some trespassing, and never-ending laundry, and cooking and cleaning… you know how it goes.

Jenny makes friends while trespassing on a nice lady's farm

I know I'm tired because of the three tell-tale signs: I fell asleep on the couch with Jenny the other night (and I NEVER nap, especially in the evening), which was terrible because then we both woke up late for dinner and hungry and cranky, and at least one of us was screaming and scarfing Cheerios but it might have been both of us; I have cried at every single blog post I've read today (tears are ALWAYS the first sign of the non-crier's weariness); I have approximately 17 half-started, half-finished to-do items on the go today. Laundry in both the washer AND dryer, plus Jelly's clean stuff piled in her glider, PLUS I dumped my last few batches of clean clothes in a convenient Rubbermaid tub in the middle of my bedroom. The dishwasher needs to be run, unloaded, and reloaded. I started uploading pictures to be printed for my Grandma and for the new frames I picked up but then mentally yelled at myself for not doing work, so started doing work but then realized what I needed to do was excruciatingly boring so I stopped doing work and paid some bills. Then I realized I didn't have my checkbook upstairs so cleaned off my desk, but didn't have a big enough garbage bag so started piling stuff on the floor, which led me to discover several projects there (unsent Christmas cards, a shadow box, odd-sized fridge photo holders, several magazine-page recipes needing to be scanned, a sailor's cap with a broken chin strap (don't even ask), THREE travel laptop bags all needing to either be emptied or re-stocked, and a pile of dirty bedding from the LAST time my family was here and my brother slept in my office. Plus all the stuff from the consignment sale tagging I did.). I'm a project-management person, and this is killing me. Forget my groove – how do moms get their damn FOCUS back?

My parents have decided to come for an impromptu visit, which is rather exciting, since they'll be here NEXT WEEK. Their excuse is that it's an enormous burden to try to ship all the clothes my sister has for The Bean, and they are concerned that I am allowing her to eat crazy things and kiss goats. They just cannot stand it a second longer and have to squeeze her, I understand perfectly. Whatever the reason, it will be nice to see them and an excuse for me to take off an extra day of work, so I'm looking forward to an extra-long weekend next week. I gave her Beef Stroganoff for dinner last night. I think at this point it's just a contest to see what totally ridiculous things she'll eat. The only downside is that I've still got a whole bunch of tasty pureed foods in the freezer which are BABY FOOD! BLAH! NO TEXTURE! NO EXCITEMENT! So she refuses to eat them and sobs inconsolably at her hardship, which N definitely warned me about.

No applesauce, thanks, I'll have the steak.

I really don't have anything exciting to write about since I am so blech this week. My toilet dooley-hickey broke (the plastic thing that pulls the chain so the water in the tank empties) and I keep buying the wrong piece to replace it, so I basically stick my hand in cold toilet tank water every time I want to flush my toilet. The house is a MESS (as you may have guess from the description of the state of my office), so I have to figure out how it's going to become mom-clean by Friday the 13th. I think I'm going out this Friday night to meet some friends who are in town, but I have to figure out what to do with Jelly – I think The Ta is going to help out, which is awesome, but I feel some guilt because she's watched her a lot lately, and she's got her own Beau Diddly-Dog baby now. I did manage to get my taxes done and filed (so fun!), but I told The Nanny that I was going to hold off on building a fence until the economy picked back up so that I could throw my refund into savings. Gully, shmully. A tumble into the crick and a snake bite or two will toughen everyone up.


marit said...

Your baby is still cute. And she's your daughter: of course she prefers steak to baby food!

Chris said...

I can very much relate to trying to manage home projects like work projects .. unfortunately you can't task anyone but yourself and can't parallel task for the same reason. Unfortunately I don't have any solutions but if they don't drive you crazy, a la OCD, I guess just count your blessings.

Also, I _do_ have to ask about the "sailor's cap with a broken chin strap". :)

Rector Funhouse said...

You just made me so tired that I can't even type a real comment.

Jellybean Mama said...

Chris - I have a collection of 'drinking hats' garnered from various sources over the years. When I stopped being wild 'n crazy, I kept them for the Dress Up box. I actually have no idea where the sailor hat came from, but it's a great hat. So, uh, there's really no exciting story, I was all talk there.