Thursday, February 26, 2009

Don’t Let Your Baby Watch ‘The House Bunny’

What, have I got cilantro on my head or something?

Not much new or exciting to report, just the same ol', same ol' here at Le Maison de Bonbon Mou (close as I could get with Babel Fish). Since I'm a terrible mother Jenny and I watched 'The House Bunny', and now she ADORES the Avril Lavigne song 'Girlfriend'. It's one step away from listening to Marilyn Manson and getting a tatoo. At least there's lots of swearing and a terrible message in it.

I realized last night that I have the same two thoughts every night now when I go to bed (WARNING: CHEESE ALERT). The first is 'Ohmagawd-I'm-so-freaking-happy-I-get-to-go-to-sleep', because, well, I love my bed and these cold nights are great for the sleep and, for a mother, sleep is the most precious commodity on the planet, above oil and renewable resources and closely tied with bacon. The second is, 'I get to see my baby in +/- 7 hours!' I warned you it was seriously sappy. But really, that's what I think. Who knew that I'd love my baby so much that I'd be excited to see her in the morning when I went to bed at night, like it was Christmas Eve or the night before my birthday or something? It makes me a little sad that there are people out there who don't think this, either because they are too tired or having a hard time or have a devil child or don't have their baby quite yet. Every new day is a reason to be happy when there's a Jellybean!

I found a third car seat (one for my car, one for Nanny's car, now one for The Ta's) on my new favorite game, 'Wheel of Craigslist'. I am truly my mother's daughter, because I talked someone down from $35 to $30. For a BRITAX. Ridiculous. Rich people don't know what they're doing on CL. I also bit the bullet and ordered a patio set, just something cheap from Wal-Mart. I don't want to run into problems with something being delivered late if I get too close to Jenny's birthday, which in my head is like 3 days away instead of 3 months. That's what happens when you're a planner.

I also finally and painfully divided up the rest of my tax money – paid for the next year of Nanny payroll/tax services in advance, paid off one of my many exciting loans, threw some money at my viciously circling Amex bill, and ordered some baby gates since I now officially have two crawlers in the house. That doesn't leave me as much as I'd like to sneak into savings, but it's better than blowing it all on a stupid fence. Or meth.

Jelly has a new hilarious habit that may or may not be intentionally cruel. She and Cade, like any babies, constantly fight over toys and want what the other has, even if it's quite literally THE EXACT SAME THING. However, when The Bean has successfully retrieved a toy she knows Cade wants, she promptly waves it directly in his face tauntingly, before snatching it back and chewing on it/shaking it/dropping it somewhere out of his reach because she's already bored with it. I'd like to think she is attempting to 'share' the toy, but I really think she's just learned a super-early version of 'nyah-na-nyah-na-boo-boo'. Also, she bit him for the first time the other day, totally unprovoked. Cade may SEEM like the rough-and-thuggy boy, but Beaner apparently can hold her own.

In 'check this out it's AWESOME!' news, I saw an article in Parenting about Animoto. It's a video service that allows you to upload pics and music and creates either a free 30-second clip, or has a pay-for-play service that is extremely reasonable ($3/each or $30/year). I made a test video of Jellybean and totally bawled my eyes out (misted up a little bit), it was so freaking precious. It links to YouTube so is way convenient, and is faster than I thought it would be. Both videos I've created so far are in my toolbar on the right if you want to see them. I want to make approximately 847 million more. I am already thinking of maximum cuteness impact songs/pics combos that will slay people in their tracks.

No big plans for the weekend, I'm just excited that swimming lessons are done so we don't have to race out the door by 8am on a Saturday morning for the first time in months. There's a consignment sale we might check out, and I think we're going to go with Ta to get her SECOND dog (Beau's brother), and Aunt C. has invited us over for some Rock Band goodness. I also need to come up with a smart and witty post for the Triangle Mommies blog, since I volunteered to be the 'Club 35' writer. Somehow I don't think bacon porn and constant consignment sale reviews are going to cut it over there.


marit said...

Those montages are evil, eye-misting torture. Drop them in Bin Laden's cave and then shoot while everything is blurry.
And don't underestimate the entertainment value of bacon...

Fat Chick said...

I looooovey your blog. You make me laugh!

And you know what? Although this whole getting-knocked-up thing has been a teensy more involved than I thought it would be, when I go to bed I think, "Oooo! When I wake up I'll be one more day closer to a baby!" That's a happy thought.

And bacon... beloved bacon...