Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Post For N

Here's a fun video, and it doesn't show me abusing my child. Well, indirectly, at least. 'Drunken Noodles', by the way, do NOT have alcohol in them. Sheesh, I'm not THAT bad of a mother.

And, since N felt guilt about the clothes I buy for my niece and nephew, I wanted to share with her the reason why she should never, ever feel like she should buy clothes for Jenny.

A few closet pictures say it best;

The first two are the two sides of Jelly's closet in her room. The other is the spare bedroom closet. Thankfully I have not had to move to my office closet yet.

I, apparently, love to buy kids' clothes. Who knew?! Do you need me to be a professional shopper for your child?
EDIT: If you happen to click on the photos to zoom in and see what kind of insanity I buy, please do not judge me when you start to count the number of 'sailor' outfits.


Fat Chick said...

Jellybean is already a foodie! RIGHT ON!

And I'm right there with you on the clothes thing. I'm already buying clothes... and I'm not even pregnant YET. (Always gotta have that YET in there.)

Naomi said... cute is that video! She's just gorgeous. And my daughter's closet is just as bad. I have bags and bags of clothes she can't fit into down the in basement. I could open a store. In my defense, 90% were hand me downs, but still... Nice to know my kid isn't the only one with a closet like that lol Happy Vday to you too!