Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Kath and Kim and Khristmas

I have been trying to remember to write a post about my Kath & Kim feelings for quite some time now. Despite the fact that everyone tells me I should be watching The Big Bang Theory or whatever the heck it’s called, I haven’t been too interested in any new programming this season. Yes, The Office and 30 Rock are totally awesome, but I lost interest in Fringe because I don’t like whats-his-name, and something else conflicted with my beloved House… anyhow. So Kath & Kim is using a Scissor Sisters song as their intro right now (I guess until it catches on or doesn’t, and it gets its own theme or everyone goes on unemployment), which is the first sign that it is totally for gay men. Then it has that dude from all those movies like Mighty Wind, who is totally gay, and the audience knows it, and there are lots of jokes in the show about how we all know it. And there’s the stupid straight guy, Kim’s ‘husband’, who I feel both pity and admiration for in his use of the word ‘dude’. And there’s the fashion, and the constant celebrity gossiping. I haven’t talked to my gays lately, but they ought to love it. I hated it, then liked it, then hated it some more, then decided that while I could barely tolerate Selma Blair’s moronic, self-involved hateful character, Molly Shannon was still Molly and I adored her so much that it was worth the lame jokes. So now you know – I am the one person that is watching that show.

Now that that’s out of the way, is it Christmas yet? I may have decorated Jellybean’s room already. In my defense, I had all kinds of leftover ornaments from her last photo shoot, and I couldn’t just put them away in sad little lonely boxes. So I hung them all around her room, on the mirror frame and the curtain rod and on her clothes hooks. Then I found a fantastic fiber optic mini-tree in hot pink. Yes, you heard me – FIBER OPTIC. You know how weak in the knees I get when I see little changing lights. So that got thrown in there. Jenny doesn’t know what to do with it all but thinks it’s pretty darn fun.

Sunday I have to go to Boston, which totally blows – I don’t get a full weekend with The Jelly. And then I get back late Thursday night, after she’s in bed already. But how happy will she be to see me get her up on Friday morning?! Then it’s busy, busy, busy. Another massage, and her first professional photo shoot, and then it’s Thanksgiving and we’re off to Charlotte, and will bring back my parents and brother. Then it’s the local Christmas parade, and another Boston trip, and a Festivus party, and Canada for Christmas! Time is flying. Her 6-month appointment is on the 24th. Hard to believe.


marit said...

You don't write for a WEEK. A WEEK! And then it's about Kath & Kim.

Jellybean Mama said...

Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot that you post EVERY SINGLE DAY.
I couldn't help it. I have a disgusting, embarassing fondness for K&K that I had to blurt out to the world.