Friday, November 21, 2008

You Know It's Good if it Separates into Strata

Long story short, I got loaded in the Delta terminal at the BOS airport. I have no excuse, other than, "Suck it, I could!" Here is the post I wrote while loaded. It was barely legible and had some sort of gravy splattered on it. If you make it through the drunken rambling you will be rewarded with a hilarious picture of me.

I love American Airlines. LOVE 'em. Their RDU-> BOS leg offers single seats, so no one has to touch my pudge or try to steal my leg room or gently caress my thigh (happened!). But this trip and next, I have to resort to AA there, Delta home. Delta, of course, was delayed, because that's what they do.
HOWEVER, apparently what they lack in punctuality they make up for in terminal bars. I had a positively lovely $7 burger, and two $10 girly drinks. At this exact moment, I LOVE DELTA! As (*note - I should have written 'Ask') me again after a 2-hour flight beside a farty snorey businessman.
I get to see my baby in like four hours or so. Oh crap, I need to get to my gate. Anywho, the week was ok but busy, and the next trip will be even more hectic, because that will be MY presentation for my product, and my annual performance review, and a product training. BLECH! But I have 'Lucky's Bar' to look forward to again. Same time, same place, Lady. It's a date. (*note - yes, I really wrote that)
I had the Clockwork Orange, with vanilla vodka, orange liquer, and white chocolate liquer, and the Rootbeer Float, with root beer liquer, whipped cri (*note- this should have said 'cream' but I was fading fast at this point), and amaretto. Consider my ass KICKED. Plane nap!
(*note - At this time, I decided to go and look at how red my face was, because I could feel it, so I went to the bathroom. It was so red, I decided it would be a good idea to take a picture. This is the picture I took. I think I look like a crazed reject from 'Tron'. No, in answer to your question, I will never learn)
p.s. Because we were even further delayed they offered free cocktails on the flight. I made the tragic mistake of chucking a few Bloody Marys onto all that sweet. I am not so much 'tired' today as 'hungover' and 'just plain stupid'. Have a good weekend everyone, and be smart.

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Richard said...

I can just see you yelling holodeck.. Start Program.. I said Start Program!!!