Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Report from Boston

Well, here I am, BiB (Back in Boston, not Back in Black as I am not a rocker). It’s a chilly 30-odd degrees this week, and I had forgotten what a joy it is to travel with cold-weather gear. My suitcase, like my butt, gained an extra 7 lbs. Expense account dining is not my friend. But I had the most DELICIOUS chocolate hazelnut martini at dinner last night. C’est magnifique! I also got to experience the joy of checking luggage in the newly overhauled RDU Terminal 2, which was a beautiful but time-consuming experience. I need to leave for my Canada Christmas flight check-in NOW. And just think, I’ll have a baby with me in addition to the 872 pieces of luggage.

The tragically stupid rental car I have this week. THREE rows of seating. As if!

Speaking of Jelly – boy, do I ever miss that kid. Topping of list of ‘Things Mothers Hate to Hear’ is, “Jenny cried from the time you left to the time she finally sobbed herself to sleep”. Poor motherless child. Thank god kids supposedly don’t retain any memories from before the age of 3.

The Service Eval I’m attending was boring as hell, which is to be expected, although I did get to see my ol’ training pal Joan. Hi, Joanie! The bad news is, there is just so much I have to get done in the next few weeks that I’m working nights all this week and having to use my lunch breaks for meetings in order to keep treading water. I had all kinds of wild ‘n crazy plans to party and get drunk and see R-rated movies this week, but like the best-laid plans I have managed to eat a lot of takeout in bed in my jammies.

Jellybean still has her cold (going on one month, now), and has had some stomach issues. Thankfully her 6-month checkup is Monday, so they can tell me that she’s fine and there’s nothing else I could be doing besides my compulsive worrying. SIX MONTHS OLD THIS WEEK. MY BABY!! We had a sad day last Saturday when we attempted to go see Santa at the mall. I got her all dressed up in her holiday finest and strapped into her (almost outgrown) car seat, when she hurled everywhere. As in, I had to clean out the BUCKLES. Gross, and, poor baby. It was doubly disappointing when I learned today that the appointment to have professional photos taken on Sunday needed to be cancelled, since the woman didn’t actually have a studio. Or backdrops. I was like, ‘Uh, I can take pictures of my baby in my own house myself, thanks anyhow’. I guess I’ll wait til she’s one, since I’ll never find anyone on such short notice at this point. Frowny face.

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