Wednesday, November 5, 2008

One Small Step

Congrats, President Obama! I know that the NC results show as 50%/50%, but the actual numbers tell the real story - 2,101, 991 to 2,089,828 at last count. And I'm proud and excited to be that little '1' in such a close race. I can't make it through your acceptance speech because I cry at the awesomeness of it all, and I hope you prove all the naysayers wrong. You're going to make some mistakes, and people will be critical of you, and you will have to make some tough decisions - but I think you're the right one for the job.


We've still got a long way to go. Let's not get too excited until we see that change is effected, and that it's the change we need. Let's not forget that there are still a lot of issues out there that, while they may not be as big as the race issue, are still important. There are still people fighting to take or keep away rights that others have, be they women or immigrants or handicapped or just plain poor.

Prop 8 passed, folks. That's uncool.

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marit said...

Very uncool. We traded one civil rights issue for another.

And I ain't fallin' for it-- you don't want anything but Jellybean for Christmas. :D