Monday, January 26, 2009

Consignment Weary

Blech, Monday. They are especially sucky since Jelly has stopped sleeping past about 5:45 am. Even on Sundays, which is just really super mean. And then she's ready for a nap at 9:30, right when I am totally for sure wide-awake, or at least propped upright at my desk for a fun day of unfocussed work.

It was a very busy weekend, starting with another fun swimming lesson. Tata took Jenny for a few hours so that I got to see 'Inkheart', and proved that I was a big baby because I took a blanket into the theater with me. Hey, I had a chill after the pool and wet hair and the cold damp weather! I knew the theater would be icy. My friend CPE mocked me outrageously for an hour and then finally sucked it up and apologized profusely and asked to share it. Smartest thing I've ever done. So cozy! The movie was ok, maybe I had high expectations because the book was so great, but I wasn't too thrilled.

Yesterday I totally cheated on my stylist of 11 years and got a haircut at a charity event cut-a-thon. 11 years! I was due. I felt very guilty, and talked about my stylist the whole time, but got a really super-cute haircut although the 14-year old who cut it wasn't as skilled or as fun. The place itself was very hip and urban, and I got to try some new product, but I still haven't decided if I'm really going to go ahead and break up or just fool around for a while with someone new.

Yesterday afternoon I was stupid enough to try to go back to the Kids Exchange consignment sale for their final, ½ price day. So, so very stupid. I dragged The Ta along with me and we ended up standing in line for almost two hours. Ta spent more on hot dogs and lemonade while waiting in line than on purchases, which made her furious. Plus she realized upon checking out that she only had 5 items (we were sharing stroller space), so could've stood in the Express Line and been done in like 12 seconds. I did get a lot more summer stuff for Jelly at really great prices, but next year I've got to plan better. Pack bottled water and sammiches, get there EARLY before the lines get ugly, have a map of specifically what I want to hit, don't waste time window-shopping, rent some sort of burro or pack creature. After this morning's web conference I have to go pick up whatever didn't sell (I don't think I posted an update that I did make it in despite the weather last week, so keep your fingers crossed that I make back some of the millions I spent), and then I don't ever want to see that place again. Until the fall sale, obviously.

Lastly, I had dinner last week with Quiet (Jelly's donor, for those who don't know), and it was nice to see him. It's good because, despite the fact he doesn't have any interest in meeting her or seeing her, he still seems interested in how things are going, so it's not like I have to avoid mentioning her or anything like that. It's always fun to catch up with him, and it's getting easier to let go of all the stuff that happened. It's still weird to think about the future and how I'll explain him to Jenny and how she'll feel about it, but I'll just have to take that as it comes, and try to be as simply honest as I can with her without damaging her for life.

Oh, and yesterday my little EIGHT MONTH OLD learned the 'mamamama' sound. IT WAS FANTASTIC. I am going to melt into a little gooey puddle the first time she purposefully says 'mama', I know already. Me+Her little finger=Wrapped around.

UPDATE: Just got back from picking up the consignment stuff that didn't sell. Very minimal. Huzzah! Sorters did an awesome job, really liked their system. Would definitely consign again.


Chris said...

I'm glad your dinner with Quiet went well. I remember from your pregnancy blog that things sort of went a little weird at the end. It's good to keep in touch for the purpose of health history, etc.

Fat Chick said...

You won the giveaway on my blog. Please can you email me at shansterbaby at gmail? Thanks and congrats!

Kiyote said...

hey...i read your blog and

looks like you WON the bag...


Jellybean Mama said...

Yay, bag! Thanks! I'm so freaking excited to get it.