Monday, January 19, 2009

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Dollars

I got the photos back from our professional session with S&G. You should book an appointment with Shannon RIGHT NOW. She is freaking awesome. Did I mention she's awesome yet? I would love to share all 120 photos with you, but here are some highlights;

I have to stop here, otherwise I'll post them all. Are you still with me? Have you fainted with the sheer cuteness of it all, or died with shock at how I look when I've actually showered and put on makeup?

We also got some super-cute pics at her first swimming lesson, where she WENT OUT OF HER MIND with excitement. It was very cute. She love, love, loved the swimming - you should have seen the incredulous look I got when I put her in the tub that night, like, 'After you introduce me to the awesomeness of a pool you try to pass off THIS pedestrian entertainment?' She wouldn't even touch a single toy. She cracks me up.

Jenny is all about the tongue lately.

We also went to a free Kindermusik class, which just depressed me because she loved that, too, but it's like $200 or something ridiculous so I totally can't afford it. She's stuck with my terrible singing and even worse signing and hand actions.

Needless to say, yesterday I was worn out and didn't get anything done that I wanted to (other than 'Playing with Jelly', I checked that off the list a few times). Crazy baby is cutting her FIFTH tooth, so she's going to be irritated for a while I guess, and sleep will be hit-or-miss.
Tomorrow I have to go drop off a crap load of stuff for my first consignment sale, which has been exactly as much work as I expected. Hopefully I'll make enough bucks to get a "new" stroller, at least, and maybe a few toys that Jellybean totally does not need. Hey, if I make a LOT, maybe we'll do Kindermusik after all. We'll see how it goes. Nanny and I are going to go to the Early Bird Seller's sale on Thursday (taking 1/2 day off), which will be fun. And tomorrow night I'm meeting Quiet for dinner, since I haven't seen him in a bazillion years.


Chris said...

She is such an adorable baby! Yes .. almost fell over due to cuteness overload.

Naomi said...

what great pics! you both look great. all the kindermusik stuff is ridiculously expensive. out here in jersey, every town...usually through the libraries...and the hospitals have similar classes that are a fraction of the cost. I'm sure they rooms they use aren't as pretty, but I doubt the kids care lol.

Fat Chick said...