Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Still Standing

Today my company laid off 250 employees. I was not one of them.

It makes me sick to my stomach to think of coming back from vacation, happy and rested and dreading the work week, only to find out that you no longer have a source of income, or benefits. It's my worst fear since deciding to have Baby Bear ('Jellybean' doesn't seem appropriate in winter, for some reason, so right now she's either Baby Bear or 'Chucky'*). In this economy, any of my Plan B options have disappeared due to hiring freezes pretty much everywhere I would go. And my savings account has dwindled over the months due to lawyer fees and the purchase of used rags to tie around Baby Bear's bottom.
Such a scary time. If you are employed, or married to someone who is, or living with someone who is, or at least work the street corner with minor success, or have some source of income somewhere that pays for light, and heat, and Spaghetti-O's and Creme Eggs - take a moment and be thankful. You may not have a lot, and that 401K may totally be teh sux right now, but if you're warm and fed and can go see a doctor if you need to - you're still doing ok. And I'm getting this weird feeling of deja vu because I'm writing another cheesy post about being grateful for what you have. Man, am I ever lame. No more post-Christmas blues for me again! Time to hit the imported Laura Secord French Mint chocolate bars for a pick-me-up. Yes, they were $1.99 each, but, uh, I was helping the economy. The Canadian economy.

*Because it cracks me up to say, 'Up, Chuck!' when I pick her up. Yes, I'm really that strange.


Rector Funhouse said...

What is "teh sux"?

It's a good point that we should all be grateful. It sounds trite but we're all just a layoff away from the poorhouse.

Do they have food banks for pretty children's clothing?

Jellybean Mama said...

LOL it's hacker-speak for 'the suck', in other words, it totally blows.

I don't think you can use food stamps for Gymboree socks, otherwise I'd be all in.