Monday, January 5, 2009

Hippy Coo Year

I had some totally awesome terrific post planned out in my head, as I often do (the same place where I keep 'snappy comebacks', 'angry and decimating put-downs', and 'things that will never quite make it onto my grocery list that I really, really need quite badly'), and, uh, well, I think since you are listening to me blather on with excuses you know where this is heading. Nowhere good. But it's a new year! Vacations were taken, first snow experienced, flights managed, presents abounded, snuggles were had, and sleep – well, you can't get everything you asked for.

Jenny got TWO MORE TEETH, if you can believe it, so spent much of our precious downtime insisting that teeth growing prevented her from sleeping in a pack 'n play. Chubby baby and a chubby mama in a single bed makes for a crowded resting spot, and then she refused to nap upon returning home in HER OWN pack 'n play, so I did what any good mother would do and threw a blanket over her screaming protesting form on the floor. Luckily, the Nanny is tougher than I am and Jenny quite obediently is back on schedule, so the past few days of misery and crying were for naught.

Since I have too much work to do to have an original thought today, I am going to copy my sister, She Who Gave Me a Bounty of Clothes, and give you a pictorial year in review. Hers was quite nice, although I think she photoshopped the pics of my niece since it's totally ridiculous to imagine her ever being a baby.

Jelly and I enjoyed the hospitality of the grandparents, and spending time with her uncle, He Who Dances for Jellybean's Entertainment, and other aunt, She Who Will Get An Awesome Job Sometime Soon, We Promise. My dad gave her the inaugural first sip of beer, so he was happy. And she got to experience a nice cold Canadian winter, which to everyone's surprise made her a happy, happy bean. She cried when we had to go inside, and would wave her fat little hands around excitedly when we got anywhere near the door. She has a sad, long summer ahead of her if she doesn't like heat.

I got some cool presents, and got to see some of my high school and college buddies, which was nice. But really, the best thing about this Christmas? Not to be cheesy, but spending 15 uninterrupted days, lazy days and busy days and long days and short days and napping days and cooking days and cleaning days, with Jenny. Fifteen days without a worry or thought about work, or bills, or sick nannies, or business travel, or the next meal, or anything. Just time with baby. It was glorious. Time off use to be all about me – going to the spa or getting my nails done, shopping, going to the movies, reading or doing crafty things or baking. I didn't miss any of those things, or at least I missed them a lot less than I expected.

So yesterday I was all stressed about having to be back to work today, and was trying to come up with The Perfect Final Day. You know, the tree is down and the house is clean, so what's next? I made a bowl of popcorn and settled in to watch 'Hancock' on pay-per-view and looked down where Jenny was playing on the floor. I turned off the TV, grabbed a handful of the popcorn, and went to play with her. We wrestled and she squealed, and played with her Christmas presents (well, the same one, over and over), and played peek-a-boo and pat-a-cake, and sang songs. We watched 'Sesame Street' and she laughed at Murray's little lamb. She ate dinner off my plate, we had a nice long bath together with lots of toys, and read 5 books. She fell asleep in my arms, not even able to finish her bottle, and was snoring before I could even tuck her in. I was exhausted and fell into bed – the clock read 8:10. I hadn't watched my movie, and I had laundry ignored on the floor, and I'd totally forgotten about lunch for myself. It was perfect.


Jo said...

She luv luv luv the snow! Very cute!! Great post; love to hear that losing out on the "solitary single" behavior really ain't that big a deal.

Rector Funhouse said...

It's so weird to see pics of you pregnant. I forget that all that happened in the same year. Seems like Jenny's been part of our family for much longer.

Chris said...

Looks like an awesome year and an awesome ending for the awesome year. Awesome pics! :) Happy new year!

Richard said...

She's so cute in the pink snow suit - It looks like she really loves the snow!