Monday, January 12, 2009

Mr. Shaky Attacks Jellybean, Finally Put Down

Exhausted by her photo shoot, Jenny naps at IHOP because I'm so classy that way

So many exciting things to post about, I don't know where to begin! I guess I'll go chronologically, and then constantly interrupt myself and get sidetracked, and we'll see where that takes us.

Friday afternoon I met with my awesome lawyer, who is very nice and laid back and I feel very confident in his capable hands. Did I mention he cut me a deal because I'm a single mum? Yay him! I signed our contract and wrote him a nice big check, and Jellybean's donor should get papers of some sort some time this week. We then have to wait the requisite 30 days, during which he knows he is NOT suppose to respond, then we have to go to court for a hearing. I will have to testify and prove that Quiet did 'willfully and knowingly abandon her', which sounds harsh but hey, whatever works. Hopefully the judge will be like, 'Ok, I get it', and it will be done quickly, but there is a small chance the judge could be douche-y and want to appoint a guardian ad litem for Jelly (someone to represent her interests), which would drag things out and mostly just blow. So keep your digits crossed for us in February/March.

Saturday was our professional photo shoot. I went all crazy Friday afternoon looking up suggestions on what to do, and of course the one main thing was to make sure we both got good sleep – HA! It was another 2-4am kinda night, but since then it's been a little better so I'm going to keep my mouth shut so as to avoid the jinxing. So yes, the two hours were exhausting but very fun, and I really liked the photographer. She has twins who are a month older than Jelly and the Nanny's baby, so we're going to invite them for a playdate! We have a great new setup now that the kidlets have outgrown the bouncy seats; Nanny found some awesome foam structures on Craigslist that are exactly what I wanted based on the picture in my head, so they are going out of their minds with excitement over what hot stuff they are.

Jenny and Cade are exhausted from their calisthenics

Uh, so anyhow, the pictures will possibly be finished some time this week, and I cannot WAIT. I know she got at least a few good ones of the two of us, which was my primary concern, and she got a lot of nice ones of my teething non-smiling Jenny (I had some crazy outfits and props, you will faint with the cuteness of it, I promise).

Sunday I made more baby food, which The Bean refused to eat, and generally refused to do anything except make this incessant little 'eh-eh-eh' whining noise every second that she wasn't being held. She had like 14 naps (but again, only when she was held), so I was irritated and tired and then MY PORCH COLLAPSED. Ok, it wasn't that bad, but the corner post that holds up the porch roof fell and my chintzy vinyl railing fell apart… apparently all the rain we've been having made the concrete settle more or something equally stupid. So I'm out there, on Mr. Shaky, trying to hammer this stupid post back into place when I almost fall off the ladder, and the ladder falls over and the post falls again. Both narrowly avoiding my baby, who I had for once thought to safely park in her stroller inside the garage. Needless to say, I burst into tears because I was frustrated, and knew I had to call someone and it was going to cost hundreds of dollars to fix, and my baby was attacked by Mr. Shaky, and I was just plain worn out and felt very much the single mother. Don't worry, the first thing I did this morning was to post a 'Rickety wooden ladder free to a good home' ad on Craigslist. Mr. Shaky can go terrorize someone else, or be broken up for firewood, I don't care, he crossed a line.

Anyhow, I found a contractor who came and looked at it this morning, and will have to come back tomorrow to make me a new post, and it should be $200-300. But the porch roof didn't collapse, so that's good. However, with the construction and the lawyer and the photos it made for a very, very expensive weekend. Ramen noodles and dollar-store tuna, here I come! Maybe I'll just eat the delicious lamb with peas and rice that I made for Jenny. <shudder>


Chris said...

Good luck with the legal process! You obviously provide a very good environment for your Jelly (can a blog be submitted as evidence?) so I doubt you'll encounter any problems.

Also, thank you for the advice. You're right about expectations, etc. It's hard to snap out of "what I want" since the delivery day is all I've been thinking about since I found out I was pregnant, but I have to learn to let go of all that. Thanks, again.

Rector Funhouse said...

I hear you, on all of it.

By the way, the foam structures look just like the ones they have at Gymboree, also known as crack-land for toddlers.

Yay nanny!!

Richard said...

The foam structures look really cool. By the way - thanks for the post on my blog about not worrying about carrying a "big" baby. I can't believe they were off with your ultrasound by 4 pounds! I have another ultrasound tomorrow and the results of my glucose screening - will know more then. Thanks again.