Monday, April 6, 2009

Allergies Blow. And Ache. And Tickle.

My sister N had a great post with my nephew, Fat Nate, making some awesome monster noises. She wasn't sure what he was saying, so asked me to show the video to Jenny to see if she could translate. Apparently, somewhere in the middle, Nathan is telling a pretty funny joke. That's all I got. Usually Jellybean loves to make monster noises, but Fat Nate totally silenced her. I haven't been able to get her to make one since.

We had a nice weekend after my FIVE migraines. Allergies were apparently triggering them rapid-fire, which was really super terrible bad. I recovered in time to drag The Ta and The Bean to a spring festival-type thing Saturday afternoon, which was a blast, and then The Ta and New Jen got their 'za on with her Saturday night so that I could go over-indulge in vicious killer margaritas. NJ gave her some cute personalized pins and necklaces and stuff, which was very sweet. Jenny Fingers loves the bribes. Sunday morning we had brunch with Aunt J for her 30th, and I made her cry not once but THREE TIMES. I don't have pictures because, uh, I was too hungover to deal. Hopefully her mother will share some.

Last night I put together one of those climber thingies, and since it was a lovely mild (although apparently hideously windy) evening, went out and threw Jelly on it. Surprise, surprise, our fearless climber was in heaven. Of course it's pouring rain today so she can't go out, but I can't wait til she gets another run at it. Apologies for the sound quality on the video.

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