Thursday, April 2, 2009

Grumpy Mama, Cute Baby, Such is Life

I'm 10 months old!
Blah. Blah, blah, blah. And a grumpity-grump, for good measure. It's been a long week. I got not one but two migraines, which was NOT as much fun as you'd think. And since I was trying to be all smart and did an HSA instead of regular insurance, my migraine stuff is going to cost like $300. SUPER lame! And I cannot get my house refinanced, because my neighborhood is so crappy. And the weather is grey and damp, and I've been having night sweats (gross, irritating) so I haven't been sleeping, and we all know how THAT goes. I'm so grumpy I'm not even using spell check. So THERE!

To try to cheer myself up, since American Express screwed me over and I ended up having to pull $1700 from nowhere and am now forced to eat leftovers scrounged from Jelly's highchair, and nothing makes me happier when I'm broke than spending money I don't have, unless it's a run-on sentence, I decided to buy us a plane ticket to Cincinnati. Yay, Cincinnati! The Bean and I are gonna make that mistake again! It's been long enough to forget that trauma of the last trip, and my parents and my sister and my niece and nephew and brother and brother-in-law will be there, so it should be a fun, stressful, sleepless time. With too much food. In actuality I am just going so I can see my nephew, Fat Nate. He needs pinches from his Aunt Sparkles. And Beaner was just mentioning the other day how she was missing her Aunt N.

Yes, more of that, please.

Jennifer J, the Social Jellyfly, has been quite busy. She attended her first Renaissance Faire like the good little nerd she is, and had some delicious Goodberry's, and is going to have another party with The Ta this weekend while mama goes out and gets her drunk on, Mexican-house-party style. We also FINALLY got the patio furniture put together with the help and coaxing of Aunt J. Thanks, Wal-Mart, it looks like furniture twice its cost! I cannot wait to have people over, and get the cushions and umbrella out and have some drinkys.

This shall suffice.
It's April, which means that NEXT MONTH will be Jellybean's first birthday. CRAZY! Kids DO grow like weeds! Her latest thing is to make a constant 'monster noise', which my sister N says Fat Nate does as well, and she has promised to make a video as long as I then send a video of Jelly watching his video. We really like our kids and don't otherwise have lives, as you can tell.

Yes, bow before me, that's how things should be.

Jellybean is also very close to walking. It's going to totally freak me out when she does it.


Chris said...

First of all, you have an adorable daughter. She's so cute, I don't have words and let me tell you .. since i've gotten my own little bubu most other babies don't seem so cute anymore given the high standard set by him ;)

About the HSA, migranes and AMEX.. they all suck! A couple of drinky drinks should make them go away for an hour or so.

Rector Funhouse said...

Ha - love that pic of Fat Nate!! Can't wait to see Jelly ... I wonder if she'll be walking by then?! Can't wait to have all the kids together, although you are correct that there will be absolutely no sleeping.

Shannon said...

Stinkin headaches! I missed not hanging out with you guys yesterday, but it was a sufficiently crazy day without ya too. lol
Good luck on the trip. I have lots of travel tips if you want them since we have been on 11 trips in 11 months with the twins.