Friday, April 17, 2009

The Sleepy House That Zyrtec Built

Yes, I do realize it says for ages 2 and up, but she weighs more than the average 2-year old
I gave in and dosed my baby. Seriously, internets, if you had heard her little hacky cough and struggles to breathe through 40 gallons of boogers, you would have done it also. I did read about a billion different posts and articles and medical reports first, though, so I am confident that I haven't scarred or stunted her or given her too much or applied it incorrectly. Plus she lived through the night, which is all a mother can ask for, really. I haven't seen any major improvement yet, but it took me at least two doses to start feeling human again, so we'll see how she is tomorrow. As for now, she's just soooooooooooooo slllleeeeeeeeeeppppppppyyyyyy. She's had like 4 naps already today. This means I need to plan to order pizza for dinner, since I'll be holding a baby from the minute the Nanny leaves til she is tossed into bed.
In sad news, I tried some store-brand Asian-style box lunch thingies and they are terrifyingly, shockingly, oddly disgusting. In the interest of trying to save money in any way I can now that I have realized my father was right and money does NOT grow on trees, just allergies, I have tried substituting a few store-brand items in place of my usual spend-it-like-you're-single fancy brand names. Soup, no problem, since I only buy canned soup to use hidden away in a recipe. Sour cream, I'm not thrilled about, but if it makes me eat less that's a good thing. Frozen veggies - you go, Wal-Mart! Beefaroni and raviolis - I only buy 'em for Nanny, and she said she doesn't care. But the microwave Pad Thai and Szechuan Garlic Noodles, Kroger-brand? OMG DISGUSTING. Not only do they smell rank, there are strangely-textured unrecognizable items in them. I'm very unhappy, because the Thai Kitchen brand, sexily and temptingly pictured above, while delicious, are about $157 each. But they're so tasty, and more importantly, convenient! They're fast and easy for me, running down to grab lunch between calls, and for Nanny, trying to chuck something down her gullet in between wrangling small eels. I guess it's on to dollar store tuna and Big Lots no-name Hamburger Helper with cat food.

Keep your fingers crossed for us this weekend as we attempt those two outdoor activities. I really need to get out, and Bean should have some fun after the week she's suffered through. The Ta gets back tonight from her week in The State You Don't Mess With, and we'll be happy to see her and hang out with her. Do you think she brought us souvenir tacos?


Naomi said...

I wouldn't worry so much about the cough medicine...people are always getting their panties in a bunch over stuff. I think a bigger part of that ban was that too many parents were not bringing their kids to the dr and instead giving their kids more medicine than they needed b/c they don't understand the concept that dosage is based on WEIGHT and age. Don't get me started! lol

My daughter had a cough for weeks that wouldn't go away, the dr prescribed cough medicine and prednisone....cleared her up right away. Good luck! There's nothing worse than a sick baby.

Chris said...

Pretty much all meds baby G has taken (prescribed by the doctor or suggested by the pharmacist) have been adult meds in small doses.

Hope the bean gets to feeling better and that you've both had a fun weekend.